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MNRF Use Permit revoked

Started by groomporter, November 17, 2022, 12:24:09 AM

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Wow! I am really hoping to attend the Minnesota Renaissance Festival this fall. I saw a round trip flight from St. Louis for under a hundred bucks (or a 7 hour drive). If I go, I will plan to be there EARLY, pre-purchase parking, or make friends on the bus!

I wonder if any of the hotels offer a would be a good money-making opportunity. The festival should encourage it (give discounted tickets to the hotels to get people to buy the "renaissance package"/room-ticket-ride combo or something). I'm a genius! ;D


I'm not aware of any motels that offer shuttles but it sounds like there will be at least three park-and-ride locations, possibly more. Been a month since the county meeting approving the permit, but no updates from management yet.
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