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Lady Nicolette:
Thanks, Anna...Not that you needed to delete your posts, it was what you were thinking at the time.  I just never even considered it as anything but in fun and not at all derogatory!


--- Quote from: Welsh Wench on December 07, 2008, 10:58:23 AM ---Regarding Lady NIcolette's lexicon word, it pertains to a certain situation that a few of us were privy to. And the facts were indisputable.

The person is no longer on the boards.

--- End quote ---


Anywho.... I vote to add RenDezFlu to the lexicon- the sudden sickness that befalls everyone after a Ren Gathering.

spam has been reported.

Welsh Wench:
A new entry--

QUENCHING---what happens when a Queen wenches you. Inspired by the quenching Molden and Mad Jack received at BARF by our beloved Queen Catherine Parr!

Amras Elfwine:
All very cool...(hows that for vernacular?) I will get this updated asap...


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