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Started by ~pixie~, August 16, 2008, 09:23:50 PM

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You've all heard of MySpace..but did you know there is a RenSpace?!  I've only seen one or two folks from VARF as having pages there, so I thought I'd share. 

Check it out!

~ Pixie ~
the wicked wench
Rose Seller VARF
IWG #785 Local 42 MDRF
aka: Gold'n Penny
Irish Penny Brigade - Clan White


I'm not from the VARF area, but here ya go:
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Master James

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*Or Chickenman.
Where was I going and how do I get there?


jamie, mother of miss katie scarlett


Please go ahead and clear your throats... the hack has arrived!


I think I'm just dirtfarmer there..... I'll have to check


wow cool!  more folks than i thought!  that's awesome.  i'll be back to MDRF on Sept 13 & 14.  hope to see y'all there!
~ Pixie ~
the wicked wench
Rose Seller VARF
IWG #785 Local 42 MDRF
aka: Gold'n Penny
Irish Penny Brigade - Clan White


had this space about a year. I think it is a nice place to find ren friends.
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Lady Delaine Kitts

i'm mistress moire on renspace
Lady Delaine Kitts
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Thanks for showing me the way there...
I am
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Capt Gabriela Fullpepper


Not from Virginia though, I'm all the way on the other side of the big ditch in Colorado
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wow! thanks. I never knew there was a renspace. ^_^
-signing up-

if you want to, you can find me as