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Picture of the Day!

Started by DeadBishop, May 04, 2008, 04:30:30 PM

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Thanks ... we had fun with that turkey leg.
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Taken at GARF:  Pirate Weekend 2008
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Saturday, May 17th at Scarby

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Is someone missing from this picture :o


A personal favorite of mine - Madge Estes an' Me at Her Tea
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Some new garb for DB.... ;D

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Freakin sweet new garb DB!!


Nice garb DB. And cool fire. fire is cool.
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Wait, now I'm confused.  Nyte just said I looked hot, but RFP said the fire is cool, so if the fire isn't putting off any heat, wouldn't that make me cool too?  And if I'm cool, shouldn't I stand next to the fire to get hotter, but if it's not putting off any heat, then why am I even standing next to it.......  :P

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Nyte is right db.  You look hot.  :o  The garb looks nice too.
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I agree! that is really sweet looking garb!
You never know when a leperon might attack


so the chain mail finally did come. You and your epic pictures. LoL. looks good!


Now I cant wait to get my sword back so we can take pics together DB. I do have templar stuff too so you can do the Guy de Lusigne. time to make a portfolio lol

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a few random shots of the fun