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Trip to the Dragon's Cave

Started by CountessofPhoenix, May 11, 2008, 02:04:51 PM

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Poldugarian Warrior

Dave rode on to the town, and it was extremely small, only having a few essential buildings, the inn blacksmith, and a few farm houses. Dave stopped and tied Thunder to the hitch post outside the Innondellus, made himself scarce by hiding in a saddlebag. Then Dave entered the Tavern.

"Hello, my good sir. How may I help ye?" the tavrn keeper asked Dave. There was only about 4 people in the whole place.

"Well, I'd like a room,some feed for my horse, and whatever victuals you may have along with a large flagon of ale." Dave said. as he pulled some gold coins from his purse.

"No need for that, that wizard in the corner has paid yer way already, I think you may know his name, Alphonse.?" The tavern keeper said as he got some oats and put it in a bag, filled Dave's plate with some mutton, and carrots and potatoes, and filled the flagon, full of white ale.

"Why thank you very much, and thank you Alphonse!" Dave said loudly and looking Alphonse way and raising his flagon. After that e took his food, drink, and bag of feed and sat across from the old wizard and then they began to speak of the past adventures, and Dave gave him the gold to cover the cost of the meal and feed and room. As they sat and talked, they found that both of them knew this may be the last time they ever saw each other and were able to joke and laugh, for Dave still had to rais his dragon along with the others, and then they all needed to reunite and then go off on another journey to battle the evils of the world along with their new dragon familiars. And this tiem it was to be the largest and toughest battle they had ever fought. After his meal, Dave retired to his room at the tavern and Alphonse returned to his hut. Both knowing at some time the adventures would cease, but a lasting peace in the region perhaps the world would take hold. And that was that is the main goal of this trip.


My children comes the voice in the heads of the hatchlings as well as their keepers, The time has come for you to learn and grow with  your new watchers. There will come a time in the future when you shall again hear the call when  you will be needed. You have each been entrusted to the care of those whom can best teach you and raise you. You will be their guardians as you grow stronger, and they will be your teachers to ensure that you learn all there is to learn. You have been sent to the far corners of the world to learn all there is to learn about the world as a whole. Use this time to fill your brains with the knowledge of the ancients and one day you will know what your purpose truly is.
Karl "Dragon" Wolff
The Pirates Cove


Poldugarian Warrior

And so Dave took his dragon friend, now the size of a full grown Labrador. And they rode off for the Eastern European mountains of what is now Poland and Hungary, and settled there. In a field stone house, with three rooms, one for his dragon, the other for him, and another for study and leisure and feasting. A stable big enough to hold 2 horses, but one side just held blacksmith equipment. Dave was slowly retiring from his mercenary ways, but still trained with his sword and dragon a little each day, just in case. He lived just outside a village, and he repaired peoples plows, shears, scythes, even the swords of his militia, by this time the renaissance age was ending the Enlightenment was coming in, and new technologies such as gunpowder, cannon, and sciences never before known, except by himself, and the little known group that made that epic journey to the Dragon's Cave. The world was changing and fast. But, this little village knew of the outside world, but kept in the past to secure it's peaceful and slow paced existence of farming and trading of small goods. And hard partying when good harvests came, or weddings, or just the end of the week. Dave married, and his wife bore him a son and a daughter. Rondell had come and gone visiting from time to time. Honing his skills, but with minor training from Dave, and his family, for here in this village it wasn't uncommon for folks to have dragons as pets. For this reason they lived in the mountains, evry other human being at this time feared dragons, but these people embraced them. They too knew that at some point in time, their assistance would be needed. And if and when that time comes the people and the dragons will be willing to go to battle side by side against any of the most evil creatures and people on the planet.