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Andre and Caesaire walked through the streets of Antilla, he was more than a little amused by the lengthy stares that his love elicited from the men who watched them pass. If Jacqueline were equally prepared this would prove easier than his original plan, and he knew from their past business ventures that Jaquie was always prepared. The welcome, but unexpected addition of Caesaire was more than he could have hoped for.

The first bit of luck that she had brought to the venture came early on. The Spanish port master had barely even looked at their forged papers. Instead he had spent far more time undressing her with his eyes, and had completely forgotten to inspect the ship. Francois and Etienne had the hardest time keeping their laughter inside as Caesaire played the poor fool for all he was worth, intentionally striking the most sensual poses while feigning ignorance of her actions. John Hubbard slowly shook his head while the dock master wasn’t looking.

Once the official had left the five of them burst into gales of laughter, Etienne having to hold onto the railing for support. “Ah, Lass.” Hubbard gasped. “If what Andre has in mind for the captain of that scow involves a show like that, the poor bastard hasn’t a fiddler’s prayer.”

“Do not forget Jacqueline, Mon Ami.” Etienne chimed in, casting a sidelong glance in Francois direction.

“Aye, with two beauties like that at his disposal Andre will have their heading before nightfall!” John chuckled. More in response to Francois rolling his eyes to the sky and mouthing a short prayer at the mention of Jaquie’s name.

Caesaire slipped her arm around Andre’s waist and tittered behind her hand. “From what I have heard that is a rose with a rather sharp thorn.” She giggled.

“Mon Dieu!” The color of Francois face turned crimson. “Mon Frere! You told her?! Will I never live that night down?”

My appologies, Frere,” Andre clapped his friend warmly on the shoulder, “but I did warn you about her.”

“True, Mon Capitaine.” Loupe sighed. “My pride went before my fall, and now I pay the price.”

“Not as big a price as you could have paid, Mon Ami.” Etienne de Marigny put an arm around his friend’s shoulder. “Come, let us select our comrades for our mission, and begin. Who knows, there may be a few Spanish ladies who are in need of our company afterward.”

Francois brightened immediately. “Mais oui! Then why do we waste the time here?” He and Etienne walked jauntily off to fulfill their orders and seek out a few ladies in the bargain.

“I hope our teasing won’t bother Francois too much, Mon amore.” Caesaire watched the two shipmates motion to select members of the crew to join them.

“Non, Cher.” Andre grinned. “It was more his pride that suffered that night than his body. The company of a jolie fille and he will be his old self in no time. Shall we go?”

They arrived at a small hotel a few blocks from the port. Andre pulled a small piece of parchment from the outer pocket of his long coat and double checked the address. “Ah, here we are, Cheri.” He smiled. “The top of the stairs, third door on the left. Shall we?”

“Oui, Mon amoureux.” She smiled tightening her grip on his arm for a moment. “I am looking forward to meeting this woman.”

“Enter.” The liquid voice came from behind the door in response to Andre’s knock. The small room was decorated with colorful Jamaican scarves across the windows and island furniture. All in all it did not match a Cuban dwelling in the least. The tall statuesque woman slipped the wicked looking dagger back into the thigh sheath as she saw Andre come in to the room. Lowering her leg from the couch it disappeared back into the thigh slit of her dress hidden from view.

Jacqueline Villard’s full lips expanded into a sensual smile at the sight of her friend. Her mocha hued skin enhanced a beauty to rival the finest of New Orleans. Her slender limbs in perfect proportion to the sleek curves of her hips and breasts. The paisley patterned blouse she wore was pulled down to expose her gently curved shoulders where her coal black tresses draped across them to the middle of her back from beneath the red scarf across her forehead. Everything about the woman fairly breathed sensuality. Caesaire was not all that certain she approved of the Jamaican beauty’s relationship to Andre.

“Andre.” She breathed huskily as she briefly embraced the captain of Le Faucon de Mer, gently kissing one cheek. “I am so glad you could make it. I thought I was going to be entrapped in this room forever.” Her sepia eyes roamed over Caesaire approvingly. “And who is this?”

“Pardon my manners, Jaquie.” Andre grinned. “May I present Mademoiselle Caesaire Trosclair, Captain of The Shattered Dreams. Caesaire, Mademoiselle Jacqueline Villard. Captain of the Calypso’s Revenge.”

“Enchanté, Mademoiselle Trosclair.” Jacqueline took Caesaire’s hand and softly kissed her fingers. “Perhaps we may exchange tales of adventure later?”

“I am afraid not, Jaquie.” Andre smiling warmly as he placed one arm around Caesaire’s shoulders and looking into her deep blue eyes. “The lady is spoken for.”

“Enchanté, Captain Villard.” Caesaire replied as warmly as she could, slipping one arm around Andre’s waist, unsure if the slight coldness in her voice was due to Jacqueline’s unwanted attention, or her familiarity with her lover.

“Andre!” Jaquie grinned showing white even teeth. “Love has finally taken the captain of Le Faucon de Mer?! Surely the sky is about to fall on us all! Though I can see why.” She playfully winked in Caesaire’s direction. “You could not have chosen better, I think.”

“Love took me long ago, Jaquie.” He grinned back. “It merely took a while to come back to me.”

Jacqueline Villard walked to the cupboard and removed a unopened bottle of rum and three glasses. “Then this is a call to celebrate. Afterwards we may discuss your plan, My friend, and how much my share shall be.”


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As the three of them sat upon the floor on the several overstuffed cushions that Jacqueline had arranged around the low slung coffee table, she languidly stretched out and lifted her glass to her lips with a slightly wicked smile. “Our original plan was for you to play my abusive lover, and have the captain of the galleon come to my rescue. Now that there are three of us, I would assume that plan has changed?”

“Lover?” Caesaire’s eyes narrowed for a moment in Andre’s direction. An action that did not go unnoticed by Jacqueline who threw her head back releasing a husky melodious laugh.

“Don’t worry your pretty head over that, Sweet one.” She smiled at the golden haired beauty. “Even though he did beat me fairly in a sword fight, I have no designs on your man. Yourself may be another tale altogether.” The ebony piratess winked playfully again at Caesaire, chuckling as the captain of The Shattered Dreams scowled at her for a moment.

“I’m afraid I am, as mon amore said, spoken for, Captain Villard.” Caesaire’s voice was laced with ice as she edged closer to Andre.

“Mais oui, Jaquie.” Andre spoke sternly, but winked to his friend. “Or should we have another duel for the sake of love?”

Unable to continue the charade they both burst into laughter, and Caesaire punched Andre on the shoulder, realizing that the two of them were teasing her. Still she was not completely certain that she had not spoken from her own jealousy over Andre. She had never before been jealous for another man, and it underscored how deep her feelings for him truly were.

“I should duel the both of you for that prank!” She grinned then partially changed the subject. “This is the third time I have heard of this duel. I believe the two of you owe me the rest of the story as payment for your crimes.” Caesaire leaned slightly on Andre’s leg.

“I am sorry, Cheri.” Andre gently stroked her back. “Jaquie does like to tease at times, and I could not resist the chance to play along. I promise to buy you a beignet once we return to New Orleans. As to the tale, perhaps Jaquie should like to tell it?”

“Gladly” Jacqueline grinned broadly. “Especially since I do not wish to re-live it.”

“My crew and I had just taken a fat prize that day, and I was searching for a few stragglers who were late to their watch.” She began. “A few of the others I had found told me that some had headed off in the direction of El Taverna del Toro.

“Once I had questioned the tavern keep, and discovered they had drunkenly left some moments before, I had ordered a rum before continuing my search. That was when some drunk fool came up from behind me and grabbed my arse, then whispered into my ear that he would make me forget all other men.”

Jaquie paused to refill her glass, then winked in Caesaire’s direction once again. “As you know by now, My pretty pretty, he was a bit too late for that. I draped my sash around his shoulders and gave him my most erotic smile to get even closer to him and drew my dagger with my other hand. Poor Francois never even noticed until I pressed it to his jewels. The look in his eyes was beyond price!” Her deep, husky laugh filled the small room.

“I threatened to make a woman of him and in his haste to save that which makes him a man he crashed into Etienne and a heated game of cards. For a few moments it seemed that a brawl would take place between Andre’s crew and the gamers, but he soon calmed them all down by adding to the original pot, and suggesting they play the hand over fairly for the additional gold. Then he came over to apologize to me for Francois behavior.”

She paused once again, smiling at the memory. “I was not so easily smoothed over, and was determined to have satisfaction from Francois. Andre said that François was far too drunk to duel, and I informed him that the fool should have thought of that before assaulting strange women.”

“What she actually said was; ‘Then he should be neutered like any troublesome dog, Peacock!” Andre interrupted, grinning. Jaquie burst into laughter for a moment.

“Aye, that I did. Aside from my own crew I had not run into any other pirate who was as well groomed and clean. Most are smelly pigs who know no water save that beneath their ships.” the dark skinned woman frowned in disgust for a moment before continuing with the story.

“Not my crew.” Caesaire whispered to Andre before returning her attention to Jaquie.

“Then Andre said to me; ‘Fair enough, Mademoiselle, but since this drunken fool is a member of my crew I must insist you deal with me first.’ I readily agreed and we stepped into the street at the tavern owners request.” Jacqueline continued. “I have fought many men as a woman in a man’s occupation, but never before had I been pressed as hard as Andre pressed me that night.”

“In the end he trapped me into thinking he had made a mistake and opened his left side to me. A dangerous gamble to be sure, but as I lunged for his chest he stepped to one side and trapped my arm beneath his, holding his rapier to my throat.” She shook her head slowly at the memory. “For the first time in my life I was forced to release my saber and surrender. Andre picked it up for me and returned it as a gentleman, then offered to help me find my errant crew.”

Jacqueline’s brown eyes sparkled as she finished the tale. “Andre is the first, and so far only man I trust. We went to my ship afterward and celebrated our partnership.” Suddenly she burst into laughter. “No, My pretty pretty. Not like that! We got stinking drunk and laid plans to take a couple of Dutch merchant ships bound for Amsterdam with a consignment of exotic herbs from Brazil!”

“And a profitable undertaking it was.” Andre smiled drawing Caesaire closer to him in a gentile hug. “Now for the new plan, Mon Cher’s. With the two of you in on this it should prove even better than the one we laid, Jaquie.”

“And what should this new plan be, Mon Cher?” Caesaire looked into his hazel eyes, relived that Andre had indeed not bedded Jacqueline.

“Not far from the first, Mon Amore.” He grinned wickedly. “We shall enter the tavern where the dog is, once Etienne, and Francois find it’s whereabouts, then Jaquie shall come along and play the part of a jilted lover. After a heated argument between the three of us we shall leave, and allow the captain of the Pata del Tigre to ‘comfort’ her.”

“But doesn’t she prefer les femmes?” Caesaire wondered.

“Indeed I do, My pretty pretty.” Jaquie grinned. “Though men still prefer me.”

“Once Jaquie has the information we need she will signal to me, and just like the first plan I will enter to beg her forgiveness, and she will spurn the pig to leave with me.” Andre chuckled.

“Leaving me to be jilted!” Caesaire sat up, placing her fists on her hips, a angry scowl on her face.

“Non, non, Cheri!!” The color drained from Andre’s tanned face. “We are merely play acting!! I would never leave you for another!!”

Caesaire and Jacqueline roared with laughter and his color returned with a few extra shades as he realized the trick his love had played on him. “Touché, Mon Cher.” He grinned, gathering her into his arms. “If you do half as well when we find our prey we will, as they say, have this in the bag.”

“Merci, Cher.” Caesaire stroked his cheek lightly with her fingertips. “But you still owe me a beignet.”

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The sun rose up over the Mississippi. Storekeepers swept the sidewalks in front of their shops, setting their wares in front of their doors. The smells of the city came alive. Patisseries, perfumeries, and the vegetables and fruit odors filled the air. The sounds of the ships on the River and the calls of one to another added to the patina of the City's reputation.

Drausin D'Estrehan smiled to himself. If all went as planned, Caesaire would see reason. Drausin would rescue her and she would be eternally grateful to him. The fact that she missed Andre Beaudouin's ship was exactly what that strutting swashbuckler deserved. Unconsciously Drausin rubbed the wrist that Andre had clamped on. Never mind that it was still tender and bruised. It was the humiliation in front of Caesaire.

He unlocked the door to his law office. Pierre Bechnel, his clerk, sat at his desk.
"Bon jour, Monsieur D'Estrehan."
Drausin put his briefcase down on the chair and thumbed through his mail. Absent-mindedly he said, "Bon jour, Pierre. Oh, I am expecting a Monsieur Bertrand in a bit. Would you please show him in?"
"Mais oui. But I checked the appointments and there was no such name."
Drausin walked to his office and before he shut the door, he replied, "He made the appointment after you left. I made it myself. Send him right back."

Within a half hour, there was a knock on the door.
"Monsieur Bertrand is here."
"Merci, Pierre. Fermez la port, s'il vous plait."
Monsieur Firmin Bertrand entered the room and Pierre shut the door behind them.
"Ah, bon jour, Firmin. She is safely esconced in the warehouse, oui?"
Firmin shifted heavily in his seat, rubbing his head. "Monsieur D'Estrehan, there is a slight problem."
Drausin's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean, 'slight'?"
"She's gone."
Drausin exploded, "What do you mean, 'gone'?"
Firmin retorted, "The little belch pretended to be bleeding to death from cut glass and when I went in to investigate, she brained me with a piece of crockery when she hid behind the door."
Drausin sat there in silence, not believing what he was hearing.
Finally he found the words his brain was trying to forumulate. "Where is she? WHERE IS SHE, YOU BUNGLER?"
Firmin couldn't quite find it to meet his employer's outraged gaze. "When I came to, I went to look for her. I ended up on the docks."
"What do you mean, 'ended' "?
Firmin snarled, "When you find something, you no longer look for it, oui?"
Drausin tried to get control of his temper. "So you found her."
"No. I found what happened to her though. I asked Monique who has the flowers in front of the Cathedral if she had seen Caesaire Trosclair and she had."
"So...where IS she?"
"She jumped in the River."
Drausin jumped to his feet. "She--she's DEAD?"
Firmin rubbed his head. "Of course not! She swam."
"Do I stutter? She saw Le Faucon de Mer heading out to sea and she called to the captain and when he answered her, she jumped in to catch up. I tell you true, Drausin, you have to respect a woman with that much love for-----"
"Shut up. SHUT UP! I have to think!"
Firmin held his hand out for his pay. "I did what you wanted. I kidnapped her."
Drausin retorted, "And you couldn't even do that right." He counted off the bills and handed it to Bertrand.
"Highway robbery, that is what it is."
Bertrand said, "I did what I was hired to do. I snatched her and threw her in the warehouse."
Drausin looked at him hard, "You were hired to kidnap her and then wait three days, just checking on her while I affected a rescue. She would have missed Beaudouin's ship and I would be her hero."
Firmin counted off the bills and yelled, "Hey! You short-changed me by half!"
Drausin looked at him coldly and said, "Mais non. You got what you earned. Be grateful you even received that."
Firmin glared and jammed his hat back on, wincing when it made contact with the lump on his head. The door rattled on the hinges as he slammed it.

Drausin sat there, staring at the wall. He suddenly broke a pencil in half and swept his desk top in a fit of rage.
He spoke out loud to no one.
'Have your fling, Caesaire, my sweet. Get it all out of your system. But I tell you true, in the end I will see to it that you come crawling back on your hands and knees to me. Begging for another chance. And will I give it to you?'
He opened up his desk drawer and took out a small jewelry box. Inside rested a beautiful ring with a marquis cut diamond.
'Oui, Caesaire, my darling. In a heartbeat.'


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Captain Juan Carlos sat at his table near the rear of El Gallego. He had been lucky, there had been no delays with the shipment from Panama and he could now afford to relax for a few days before beginning the arduous journey back to Spain. In truth he could not wait to see Madrid again. These backwater outposts in the New World, while not without their charms, could not hold a candle to the civility of Spain herself.

He could hardly believe his eyes when the deckhands had loaded the holds of the Pata del Tigre. The list of goods staggered the imagination. Bolts of the finest Chinese silks, several tons of silver, exotic jade carvings, and jewelry. Just how Count Eladio had managed to acquire all this wealth was something he did not want to think about, but he had his suspicions. Considering the shipment of British East India Company Opium that mysteriously vanished between India and China was too much of a coincidence to ignore.

His reverie was interrupted as a couple walked into the tavern, his goblet of Sangria held halfway between his lips and the table. While the man was nothing out of the ordinary, save for the fact that he was a French pig, the woman on his arms was nothing short of stunning.

Her white skin fairly glowed in the dim light of the tavern. Her golden hair cascaded down around her shoulders in a glory of loose curls that accentuated her high cheekbones, and large striking blue eyes. The crimson red dress that she wore showed her finely chiseled curves off to a nearly exotic degree that a man would have to been dead not to notice. In fact he thought that even the dead would notice so fine a woman. Damn these French. What ever else you could say about them, the did have the Devil’s own luck when it came to women.

Covertly he watched as she folded the matching parasol she carried over her shoulder and sat down in the chair the French seaman held for her. He must have come from the new ship that docked this morning. The one that had a run in with pirates while sailing back from Brazil. Probably their captain from the look of him. A good thing they had warded off the attack, or hid her well. Pirates would have sold a beauty like her on the Barbary coast for a very tidy sum indeed.

They sat in total self absorbsion, seeing nothing but each other, and Carlos had just begun to wonder how it would be to hold such a prize in his own arms at night when the second woman entered the tavern. Every bit as gorgeous as the blond, the dusky hued picture of African womanhood scanned her surroundings then made directly for the two lovers. This was too much! Two women of equal beauty intent on a single man?! No one deserved to be this lucky, but it did seem the price was due for his luck.

“There you are Francois de Marigny!” She fairly screamed at the stunned lovers. “This is what you left our bed for??! This is what you threw away six years for??! Why she is as pale as something that crawled out from under a rotting log!!!!”

“How dare you, you savage!” The blond stood up with such force her chair slid a few feet away before upending. “At least he is now bedding a human being instead of a stinking ape who should still be swinging from a tree in the jungle!!!”

The dark skinned flower stared at the other with open mouthed shock, then hurled herself at her replacement, screaming in rage. “I’ll rip that golden hair from your head, belch!”

The blond beauty leapt at her attacker with equal ferocity. “I’ll tear your eyes out, Whore!!”

Only the tall Frenchman leaping to his feet between them prevented an all out bloody catfight. As it was he took several blows himself from the two women who did all they could to reach around his body in the attempt to get at each other with clawing hands and kicking feet. In the end a mighty shove to the African girl ended the standoff as she landed on her rump, looking up at her former lover in shock.

“I told you! I am done with you, Jaquie! Fini!!” The Frenchman bellowed at the wide eyed girl looking up at him with tears in her huge brown eyes. “I wish to never see you again!”

“Come, Cheri. Let us take our amusement elsewhere.” This last to the blond as they strode past the dark woman who’s tears slid silently down her face, until they left. She then covered her face and gave voice to the sobs that wracked her sweet body. Shrugging off all attempts at comfort from the several other men who witnessed the argument.

Juan Carlos smiled inwardly, perhaps he would not spend his last night in port alone after all. Slowly he rose from his table and crossed the few feet to where the lovely mocha hued girl sat weeping.

“Pardon my intrusion, My Lady. I am Captain Juan Carlos of the El Pata del Tigre.” He spoke softly, his voice dripping honey. “Perhaps I may be of assistance?” He extended his hand to her.

For a moment the raven haired black girl seemed on the verge of ignoring him as well, then her hands slowly dropped from her tear stained eyes and she looked up into his. “So you may break my heart as well?” She asked in a voice choked with emotion.

“Never, Senorita.” He replied as gently as he could. “We Spanish are not so fickle as the French.”

For a moment she looked him up and down, weighing his words. Then she softly took his hand and allowed him to help her to her feet. “Perhaps you are right, Captain. I’ve nothing to lose at this point save my loneliness.”

“Come. Share my table and some wine with me.” Juan gestured back to his table. “We should get to know each other better, Senorita…..??”

“Jacqueline. Jacqueline Villard” Her sparkling white smile ignited the flames of lust in him. “I think I would like that.”

Outside the tavern, no more than a block away, Andre and Caesaire almost sat in the street with their laughter. Soon Francois and Etienne joined them.

“I take it all was successful?” Etienne grinned.

“Oui!” Andre chuckled. “I do think my shins will be sore by morning though.”

“I am so sorry, Mon Cher.” Caesaire hugged him close. “But you did say we should make it look as real as possible.”

“And you did so to perfection, Mon Amore!” He grinned gently kissing her forehead.

“So, now what, Mon Capitaine?” Francois asked.

“Now you and Etienne will keep an eye on the two of them. When you hear Jaquie give that trilling war cry of hers, come to get me. Caesaire and I will not be far away from either of you.” Andre grinned. “Then we will finish this little play, and the Galleon will be all but ours.”

“Knowing Jaquie, I hope he does not get too bold with her.” Francois grimaced. “Or the Captain of that Galleon may sail off sans his family’s jewels!”

The four of them burst into laughter.

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Captain Juan Carlos signaled for the tavern wench.
"Mi dulce, por favor nos trae una botella de su mejor Madeira."
Jacqui sat back and quietly dabbed her eyes.
Juan Carlos fumed, "These French pigs! Always taking and taking and taking! And now this one has taken another in your place. Mi querido, how he has hurt you!"
Juan Carlos carefully wiped the tear from her cheek.
Jacqui let her lower lip tremble.
"And for that..that puta!"
Juan Carlos raised his eyebrow. 'If there are whores in this port that are that beautiful, then I have been frequenting the wrong taverns.'

He asked, "And where did you meet that French dog? I should think a woman of your calibre and beauty would be above such a man. Did I hear you right when you said you had given him six years?"
Jacqui nodded and let another tear slip down her face. "Si. He was my first lover. My only lover! He would see me whenever he was in port. We--we were to sail to the New World together and he was going to marry me! Give our two children a name to be proud of."

Juan Carlos slammed his fist down on the table. "Puerco!" He took Jacqui's hand. "That is criminal. If that--that man were on my ship, he should be flogged for his treatment of such a lovely flower. And a lovely flower such as yourself should not be plucked and thrown out. You deserve much better."
Jacqui nodded. "You are very chivalrous. Very kind to me. Such a handsome man, I feel honoured."

Jacqui could see that Juan Carlos thought himself to be suave. 'This would be easier than originally planned,' she thought.
Juan Carlos smiled and said, "More Madeira?"
Jacqui held her goblet out.
"As long as you continue to drink with me, I shall be fine."

Caesaire and Andre walked down the street, leaving Francois and Etienne to go inside El Gallego and watch covertly as Jacqui plied the captain with more wine and charm than he could handle.
"Cher, let's go in here to at least book our room."
"But, Andre, wouldn't it be better to stay on the ship tonight?"
He drew her close and whispered, "Mais non. Here we will be alone and have some time to ourselves. Francois and Etienne will head back to the ship. But first Jacqui will find the direction and time that the galleon is leaving port. Men like Captain Carlos are always willing to impress beautiful women."
At this Caesaire felt a bit miffed but tried not to show it.
"You think she is beautiful?"
Andre tried to keep a straight face but a small smile played upon his lips.
"Ma petite, since we were children, I was in love with you. You were made for me, my Caesaire. And I for you. The fates have brought us together and we shall not be parted again."
She touched his hair and rested her head on his chest. "I was in love with you ever since I was a little girl, Andre. And to think I thought I would never see you again."
He lifted her head and whispered, "You are mine, mon amour, for all eternity. But now we have to take care of business. Our whole future is riding on this venture."
She sighed and snuggled closer into his arms.
"C'est vrai. But Andre, one small favor?"
"I can deny you nothing, Caesaire."
She looked up into his eyes and with a mischievous smile, she declared, "I get first choice of the silks!"
He laughed and said merrily, "I shall personally wrap you in them!"
She kissed him fully on the lips and said, "As long as you also exercise the option to unwrap, too!"
He hugged her closely and said, "Oui, cher. As long as Jacqui can work her charm and find what we need to know!"

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Jacqueline gave Juan Carlos one of her most sensuous smiles as she tipped the goblet to her full lips. If this Spanish dog thought to get her drunk with this watery fruit drink he was sadly mistaken. She had held her own with many a seasoned pirate in rum drinking contests, and won most of them. This flavored water was weaker than grog, and as such would have little effect on her senses. Not that she was about to let him know that.

“You are so kind to me, Juan.” She allowed her speech to come out slightly slurred. “Nothing like Francois in the past few weeks.”

Etienne nudged Francois. “You are famous, Mon Ami.” He whispered, taking care that none other heard him. “It would seem the captain has used your name for his cover.” François rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

“This de Marigny is truly a fool to throw aside such a beautiful woman as yourself, Señorita.” The captain of the Pata del Tigre smiled.

Francois brightened and whispered back. “It would seem we are both famous, Mon Frere. Andre has appropriated both our names for his cover.”

Etienne shook his head, grinning. “As he has always said, Mon Ami. The closer one stays to the truth, the easier to remember the lie. So what is Jaquie’s signal that she has the information we need?”

“Remember that trilling war cry she uses when taking a ship?” Francois said.

“The one that sounds like someone is strangling the cat while pulling it’s tail?” Etienne frowned. “She’ll be heard all the way back to New Orleans.”

“Not this time, Frere.” His lifelong friend winked. “She will use a much lighter version. Then we go to fetch Andre.”

“And hope his britches are still on.” de Marigny chuckled. Francois nearly spit his rum across the bar.

Juan looked his conquest over intently, knowing that he would have to be slow and gentile if he hoped to claim this prize before he left for Spain. Perhaps he would visit her again in a couple of years, but for now there was only tonight to consider. All he would have to do is find a way to impress her enough. Women were usually drawn to wealth and power. Maybe he should make her a promise to return for her and take her to Spain.

“So, Senorita Jacqueline, if you do not mind my asking again. How did you come to be involved with that deckhand?” He smiled his most sympathetic smile while refilling her goblet.

“Please, call me Jaquie.” Her warm brown eyes set his desire on edge with their innocent gaze. “Francois isn’t a deckhand. He is a captain as well, Captain Carlos. He commands a merchant vessel from New Orleans.”

Juan Carlos laughed aloud for a moment. “The new ship in port that had a run in with pirates, I take it? And please, Jaquie, Call me Juan.”

“Why, yes….Juan. That is the one.” Jaquie let another tear slide down her sepia cheek and trembled her lower lip a little. “He is a very important man in New Orleans. Very wealthy. We were to be married there.”

Carlos chuckled again. “I am sorry, Jaquie, I do not mean to laugh. This French dog has played you for a fool. While merchant sailors do make a fair living, he is certainly not wealthy. I myself am commander of a whole fleet of ships for a very wealthy aristocrat in Spain. Count Eladio. Why I would venture to guess that I am paid more in a month than your unfaithful lover makes in a year.”

Jacqueline brightened immediately at his words, giving him every impression of an infatuated woman. “So much? Even for a country as rich as Spain is said to be, how can this be?”

“Because I am no mere merchant, Senorita.” Captain Juan Carlos grinned, puffing up with his own self importance. “I am trusted to make special voyages on behalf of the Count. Many of which I cannot tell you.”

Jacqueline’s brow furrowed slightly. “Oh….I see. Well, I must thank you for your kindness, Captain Carlos, but I shouldn’t take you from your duties.” She began to rise as if to leave.

“Please, Jaquie.” Juan Carlos hurriedly moved to recover himself and his prize. “I did not mean to make you feel untrusted. I am currently on a mission from the Count. A very delicate one. If you will honor me by staying, I will share with you some of this one.”

“Would you?!” Jaquie squealed like a school girl as she hurriedly sat back down.

“Si,” The amorous captain whispered. “But you must swear to keep it to yourself, and I can only reveal to you as much as my own crew knows.”

She reached over and placed one hand over his. “Just knowing that you think enough of me to trust me will be enough.” She sighed huskily.

“Very well.” He smiled, feeling the heat of lust rise within him at her soft touch. Madre de Deios, the woman all but breathed sexuality. Perhaps he would keep her after all. “I am currently carrying a cargo of wealth from the Orient for the Count. The shear value of which I will receive one fifth. That payment alone would buy your former lover’s ship thrice over.”

Juan grinned in satisfaction as he watched her eyes widen. “So much!” Jaquie feigned surprise. Aren’t you afraid of pirates?!”

“Not in the least.” He sat back smugly. “No one else knows of the cargo, and I plan on taking a route that none will suspect. We are also well armed.”

“But the pirates regularly sail these waters from here to the Bahamas!” She whispered, pretending concern. “Surely there is no route they do not sail.”

Juan Carlos laughed. “They sail the waters of trade in between here and the Americas, Pretty One. They will never expect us to sail below the islands, as it takes too long for merchant vessels to return to Europe. It is too far out of the way for most, so we will make use of it, and come north a few miles below the Canary Islands for supplies.”

“You are so clever, Juan.” Jaquie gushed. “But what of me? Will you sail off to leave me all alone once you are done with me?” A small quiver to her lips gave him the impression she was about to break into sobs again.

The Captain of El Pata del Tigre gently touched her cheek reassuringly. “I swear on my honor that should you consent to be my woman, I will return for you and take you to Spain with me.”

It was all she needed to hear. Jacqueline threw her head back and let out a trilling cry of triumph that turned more than one eye in their direction. Juan Carlos poured her another glass of wine, secure in the knowledge that he would not sleep alone this night. Unnoticed by him two of the many sailors soon left the tavern, as he turned to continue his conquest of this African beauty.

After a few moments he looked up and scowled. The French captain had returned without the stunning blond he had left with. He scanned the tavern and spotted Jacqueline with him. Without a moment’s hesitation he walked straight over to their table.

“Jaquie.” He begged. “Please forgive me, Mon amore. I have been the fool! It is you I love! You I can not live without! For the sake of our children I beg your forgiveness!”

“What of your new lover, Francois?” The ebony goddess cocked one eyebrow in the pleading Frenchman’s direction.

“She was unfaithful to me, My Darling!” He pleaded miserably. “She was having an affair with the first mate the whole time. They have left with all they could carry and are no where to be found. I realize now that only you truly loved me.”

To Juan Carlos’ shock she rose into his arms. “Of course I will, My Love. I will never forsake you.”

Juan Carlos bolted from his seat in outrage, only to find himself staring down the barrel of the flintlock pistol the Frenchman had pulled from his belt with blinding speed. The Spanish captain’s hands rose in front of him palm outward, as the French dog backed for the door, Jaquie in tow. “I’ll thank you to leave us alone, Monsieur.” He growled. “This is a privet matter between my fiancée and me.”

Juan Carlos stood red faced for a moment, then sat back down with a mixture of disgust and amusement. He could not afford to draw too much attention to himself with the cargo he carried, and no matter how lovely the woman he could not afford to get himself shot over her. Even after all he had put her through she had still ran back to that pig in the blink of an eye. Damn, but no one deserved to be as lucky as these French were when it came to women.

Once outside Andre and Jaquie grinned at each other, and ran for the room he and Caesaire had rented a few blocks away. “We were going to spend the night here, Jaquie, but now that I think about it we may all be better off aboard Le Faucon. It will be easier to keep an eye on the Galleon there, and harder for that pig to seek revenge if he is so inclined.” Andre said as they made for the hotel.

“I agree.” Jaquie grinned. “And it should make Francois most uncomfortable.” She added with a mischievous laugh.

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Caesaire smoothed out the sheets and the candles were lit. A bottle of wine sat on the small table in the room. Opening up the French doors that overlooked the cove, she inhaled the sweet smell of the island flowers. She smiled to as she heard Andre's footsteps outside the door. He opened the door and to her surprise Jacqui was with him.

He grinned when he saw Caesaire and drew her close to him.
"We did it, cher! Or rather Jacqui did it! She got the information out of the pompous captain as to the route they are taking!"
Andre reached over and hugged Jacqui. Caesaire said with a forced smile, "How wonderful she was able to do that!"
Andre said triumphantly, "I couldn't have done it without her. Or you, ma petite."
Jacqui squeezed Andre's hand. "And the booty is as well as ours!"
Andre turned to Caesaire, "We need to make haste and stay on the ship tonight. We have to keep an eye on the Galleon."
Caesaire said nothing and turned her head. "As it should be, Andre."
Jacqui looked at Caesaire and then to the bottle of wine and the bed turned down.
"Perhaps I should gather my things and meet you at Le Faucon, Andre."
She subtly pointed to Caesaire and then the wine and Andre said, "I shall see you there in about an hour, Jacqui. And thank you."

As Jacqui left the room, Andre turned to Caesaire and drew her close to her.
"Ah, mon amour. Are you alright?"
Caesaire said quietly, "Andre, I was wanting to spend a night with you on shore. No crew, just you and me."
Andre frowned. "But, mon amour, we need to be at the ready in case plans change. The future--our future--lies with the capture of this ship."
He reached for the bottle of wine and uncorked it.
Caesaire said with determination, "I happen to be a pirate captain myself, Andre. I am well aware of what it takes to capture a ship. And I am every bit as savvy as Captain Villard."

Andre stopped suddenly from pouring the wine.
"Oui, Andre?"
"Are you jealous of Jacqui?"
"Jealous? I am NOT jealous! I just...just wanted some time with you. Andre, we have found each other again. Is it a crime to want to spend as much time as I can with you?"
Andre handed her a glass of wine. "Of course not, ma petite. But we have a job to do and it has to be done with split-second timing. One little mistake and the prize slips from our grasp. And all our plans are for naught, Cher."
She took the wine and nodded. "I understand, Andre. But could you not send Francois and Etienne with Jacqui to the ship? They will know where we are and if there is a change of plans, they could come get us.
Her hands snaked around his neck and she pulled him closer to her. Her breath was warm on his neck as she nuzzled him.
Andre felt the heat rise in him and his lips sought hers. When they broke ever so slightly apart, he whispered, "Why can I not say no to you, mon amour? Even when you were a child, you could bend me to your will."
She snuggled deeper into his embrace and said softly, "I am not a child anymore, mon cher."
He picked her up and carried her to the bed. "As well I know."

Just then there was a knock on the door.
"Merde!" Andre muttered.
Francois and Etienne were standing at the door when Andre opened it.
"Oui, mes freres?"
Francois spoke in a low voice, "We are heading to the ship now and we came to see if everything was alright?"
Andre ran his fingers through his hair. "Oui. But Caesaire and I have decided to stay ashore tonight. Keep watch on the Galleon. Any sign she is ready to move out, send for me immediately.
As of right now, Jacqui Villard is the one to answer to."
Francois' voice registered alarm. "Jacqui?"
"Oui. She will be on the ship waiting and watching. So she will be in charge. A problem with that, Francois?"
Francois put on a false bravado. "Mais non, mon capitain." He shifted from foot to foot slightly.
"Bien. Then I shall see you in the morning. Bon soir, mes freres."

And the door practically shut in their faces.
Etienne tried not to laugh at Francois. "So.....will you be alright?"
Francois nodded miserably, "Oui. As long as sharp objects are kept away from Captain Villard."
Etienne clapped him on the shoulder, "Do not worry. I shall be there to protect your honour!"
Francois punched him playfully in the ribs. "I shall be counting on it, mon cousin! Otherwise you shall be explaining to Tante Josephine why her son is speaking soprano!"
They laughed as they headed towards the ship.

The story will resume shortly.

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Andre turned into the room to suddenly find his childhood love in his arms. Tenderly he enwrapped her lithe form closer to him, all thoughts of the awaiting Galleon driven from his mind as Caesaire filled his every thought as much as his limbs.

“Forgive me, Cheri.” He whispered softly into her golden tresses. “In the heat of the moment….” He drew her as close to him as he could without hurting her.

“There is nothing to forgive, Mon Amore.” She whispered back, snuggling her cheek against the bare flesh of his chest where his shirt parted. The warmth of her breath sending goose flesh up Andre’s spine. “It was an exciting adventure, to say the least…..and it’s nice to know I could have made a living upon the stage, had I chose to do so.”

“In all the time I have known you, Mon Cher,” Andre raised her chin softly to look into her eyes. “I have never doubted that there is nothing you could not do should you wish to.”

For a moment Caesaire’s deep blue eyes sparkled from the praise, then her soft lips sought his with all the passion of a woman deeply in love. Then She felt his arm behind her knees as he lifted her into his arms. She lay her head on his shoulder and nuzzled his neck as he carried her back to the waiting bed.

Jacqui stood at the port side of Le Faucon de Mer, her right leg on the rail exposing her shapely brown thigh and by design the razor sharp dagger she kept sheathed there. Every once in a while watching Francois’s discomfort from the displayed weapon with glee from the corner of her eye.

“Mon Dieu!” He whispered to his cousin. “Will the woman never forget my faux pas?!”

Etienne slapped his cousin warmly on the back. “Try not to take it so personally, Ami.” he grinned. “She’s just playing with you. You know well Andre would never let her carry out her old threat.”

“Aye.” John Hubbard joined them. “I think, in her own way, she rather likes you, Lad.”

“I think I would be a fool to put that to the test, John.” Francois replied glumly.

“Well, if it bothers ye that much, I’ve a few bottles of rum yet that could help ya to forget for the night.” Hubbard winked.

“Rum you say?” The liquid Jamaican accent floated over to Andre’s three best friends. “Let’s post the first watch and celebrate our good luck as well says I.” The piratess’s gleaming white smile all but glowed in the twilight as she lowered her foot back to the polished wood of the deck and the dagger slid from view.

Francois’s eyes shot heavenward for a moment, and his hands involuntarily edged toward his nether region. A act that did not escape the African beauty’s notice as she chuckled heartily. “Don’t worry, I promise not to bare my claws if you promise to keep your paws to yourself my randy little dog.”

“You have no worries there,  Mademoiselle!” Francois almost shouted, his voice slightly higher than his normal tone. “I assure you my libido is fully under control where you are concerned, Madam Jacqui!”

“Good!” Jacqueline walked towards the door to the lower decks, putting more swing into her hips than was necessary. “Then let’s get moving. We waste good drinking time!”

“Dear God!” Francois breathed. “That woman will be the death of me yet.”

“Aye,” John Hubbard watched hungrily. “it’s a damn pity that treasure be out of reach, Mates.” He shook his head wistfully. “It’d almost be worth the risk.”

“That’s what you think, Ami John!” Francois said sourly. “I assure you, it is not!”

“Ah well,” Etienne chuckled. “Let’s get the watch posted and make nice with our temporary captain. Soon we will all be rich and then we can put our real plans into motion.”

Francois brightened at the thought. “Oui!” He grinned broadly. “I look forward to life as a New Orleans aristocrat.”

“You look forward to an endless supply of adoring femmes, Mon Cousin.” Etienne grinned wickedly.

“Guilty as charged!” Francois laughed. “And I shall make damn sure they all like men!”

Caesaire rested her head on Andre’s chest, just above his heart, listening as the beat slowed to something more normal than the rapid staccato beat their love making had driven it to. Her soft fingertips idly tracing gentile patterns on his well muscled torso in her contentment. Lost for the moment in her feelings for him.


“Oui, Ma Cheri?”

“What happened between you an Jean?”

For a moment she felt him tense beneath her fingers, then he relaxed and drew in a deep breath, releasing it slowly before replying. “A few months after Sebastian told me that your father had sent you away to the Colonies I signed aboard One of Jean’s ships as a cabin boy. The Hazard.”

Caesaire lifted her head, resting her chin on his chest as he continued while he stared at the ceiling. “Her captain was Garnier Depaul, as fine a captain, and as fine a pirate as there ever was. He taught me everything I know about commanding a pirate ship.”

“Soon I was knowledgeable enough, and skilled enough to become a full fledged member of the crew. Then during a raid on a small Spanish town near Panama, our quartermaster was killed in a fight with a pursuing Spanish frigate. Without thinking I began to give orders in his stead. Whether by luck or skill I do not know, Cheri, but we won and the first mate nominated me quartermaster. The rest of the crew, drunk with victory agreed.”

“Between the three of us we took more prizes than the rest of Jean’s fledgling fleet combined. Jean soon took notice of me and we became fast friends. He often talked of giving me my own command in a few years. Then Jean got it into his head that dealing in men would be a more honorable profession. We are Pirates, damn it! Not filthy traders in human flesh!”

“He began to strip down his ships to make room for slaves. Soon most of his fleet had become little more than cargo vessels. You can not imagine the stench. He kept a few of us to take more ships for him to haul slaves with. One day we had taken a sleek new British Frigate. A true work of beauty. I knew I had to have her, and that I would never captain a stinking slave ship for Jean.”

“Along with the first mate, and my two closest friends of the crew, we talked over half the crew into taking the frigate for our own, and being pirates. Not slavers. We mutinied and took the ship re-naming her “Le Faucon de Mer”. The Seahawk. The only regret was the look of betrayal in Garnier Depaul’s eyes as we sailed away with Le Faucon.”

Caesaire Thought for a long moment, then her eyes widened. “That would mean….”

“Oui.” Andre grinned at her finally tearing his eyes away from the visions of the past. “It was John, Etienne, Francois, and I that started the mutiny. Jean and I have been at odds ever since.”

“All I can tell you, Aaron, is what I myself learned shortly after arriving.” Benjamin le Renard was becoming weary of repeating himself. “Le Faucon de Mer set sail the morning before my arrival and as far as anyone knows is now anchored in Nassau.”

“And what good does that do for our time table?!” Burr shot back his face reddening with his mounting anger. “If New Orleans is ever to become more than just another providence she must become her own master! Our timing must be precise and Andre plays a key part in that plan!”

“So playing him against Lafitte to take control of Barataria is that important to your plan to make New Orleans an independent state?” Renard played ignorant.

“Of course!” Aaron Burr was nearly apoplectic. “Who ever controls that island can choke off the mouth of the river to all sea traffic. Not a single war ship could get through unscathed if Lafitte wished it so. We would be far better off with our own man controlling the island. Lafitte is too unpredictable to trust.”

“Well you know you have my backing.” Renard smiled as he slid the bulky envelope over to Burr. “Andre will return on time. You’ll see.”
“I certainly hope you are right.” Burr slipped the package into his coat and rose to leave. “You know where I am staying. Let me know as soon as you have word from Andre.”

Benjamin smiled to himself. That all Aaron Burr really wanted was to make himself ruler of New Orleans and was pushing his secessionist agenda as a means to that end didn’t surprise him in the least. What Burr didn’t know was that Renard had similar plans and more than a few secrets to aid him in accomplishing that goal.

He had not bothered to tell Burr about Lafitte’s former lover and partner sailing off with Beaudouin. An interesting turn of events to be certain. Especially since her own ship had vanished the night before, and the watch murdered. Then the story of her racing half naked down the pier to jump in and swim after the sailing ship. And, if he recalled correctly, Andre diving off the side of his own ship to swim out to her. Caesaire Trosclair could well be the Achilles heel of Andre Beaudouin, and that was something he had long waited to find.

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Andre arose to open the French doors that led to a courtyard in the inn that he had taken for him and Caesaire. The perfume from the tropical flowers filled the night air. He looked out to see a full moon rise over an indigo sky.
He inhaled deeply the night air and wondered if he could be any happier. His ship was safely berthed, he was about to take the prize he set his sights on and the woman he loved was in his bed.
"Andre? Come back to bed. You shall catch your death of a cold."
He turned to look at her, his heart bursting with his love for her. How could he have been so fortunate as to find her once again? Although he had a feeling she had found him. Whatever, they were back together.
He gave her a smile as he came back to bed. She put her arms around him and drew him close to her.
"Captain Beaudouin,  you take my breath away!"
He touched her cheek with the back of his hand and said in a soft voice, "And now there is something that I must ask you, my petite."
She gave him a soft kiss on his hand and then said, "As you wish, my Andre."
"Did you love Drausin D'Estrehan?"
The question caught her suddenly.Her brow furrowed as she asked, "What brought him up, cher?"
Andre gently held her and asked in a voice that held not only a need to know, but one that may be afraid of the answer. He held her face between his hands and said in all seriousness, "I need to know."
Caesaire took a deep breath and said, "No. I didn't love him."
He kissed her lips tenderly and said, "That is all I need to know, mon amour."
She took his hands away from her face. "Andre, I never loved anyone but you. And I never will."
"May I ask how you met him?"
"You mean, considering that I am a pirate. Piratess...oh, let's just call me a privateer-ess!"
Andre nodded but his face reflected something....jealousy?
Andre realized at a young age that he was not of the same social standing as Sebastian and Caesaire. They were of Creole society. Their fathers were of the aristocrats. His mother was a housekeeper for Sebastian's family. Although Andre was never looked down on, he knew that he was not of their sort. No debutante balls, no Quadroon balls and no plantation barbeques upriver for him.
He had made his own way and he was disdainful of the plantation dandies with their fancy manners. What did they know about having to scrap out a living?
Caesaire curled up next to Andre. He put his arm around her and she wrapped hers around him.
"I met him at a barbeque last year. I had come back from Barataria where I had spent the winter with....." here she hesitated, "..Jean. Father had a cold that hung on and word was sent to me I needed to return home. Tante Isabelle was afraid he would not be with us much longer but he pulled through."
"Monsieur Trosclair always was a tough bird, cher."
"I think Tante Isabelle used it as an excuse to have me come home. You know how she never accepted the fact that I was moving 'merchandise' through the docks. Even though it was high-class silks and perfume and finery."
"Ah, you know what the women in New Orleans want."
"Precisely! Jean wouldn't know peau de soie from burlap. That is why he didn't really care as long as I gave him ten percent. I think it amused him but I made him accept the pecentage to keep it as business and not as some sort of 'amusement' for him. I truly was a successful businesswoman and I...."
Andre had put his finger to her lips."My precious...Drausin?"
He knew he didn't want to hear anything but not knowing would have pained him more."
He had to know that she was completely his.
Body, heart and soul.

She gently twisted Andre's hair around her finger and ever so gently drew his face close to hers. The sweet scent of her filled his every senses. She closed her eyes, smiling, and rubbed her nose against his.
He took her face in his hands and tenderly stroked her cheek with his finger, trailing down to her mouth. She playfully sucked on his finger.
"Cher.....please. We shall be completely honest with each other."
Caesaire sighed and rolled over on her back, looking up at the canopy of the bed.  Andre propped himself up on his elbow and traced his finger down her neck and southwards.
"Is it really important, mon amour? He is in the  past."
Andre nodded. "Oui, cher."
He didn't really want to know the details but he learned from Jean to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. He had to know more about his rival.
Caesaire took his hand and drew it away from her. "My darling, if you want to know, then as much as this pains me, you must keep your hands to yourself. Drausin?"
"Oui. Drausin."
"Drausin's family has a sugar plantation in St Charles Parish. Sebastien is courting his sister Solange and he invited me to 'tag along' as he put it. It was the first I had seen Sebastian since I was sent away and then ran off to sea. He said, 'Old habits die hard, cher, so you may as well come along. Oh, I know Andre won't be there...'
I asked him where you were and he said you went into the merchant business in the Caribbean. I thought for sure you were in the import/export business!"
Andre laughed and pushed her hair back. "Please continue."
"As I said, it was a barbeque with a formal ball in the evening to celebrate the harvesting of the sugar cane. They have a lovely plantation home and a ballroom with a marble floor and French doors leading to a veranda and then steps leading down to another brick courtyard and---"
"Caesaire, enough with describing the house. You are delaying the inevitable."
She rolled toward him and propped herself up on her elbow too. Running her finger up and down his arm sent shivers down his spine.
"Drausin was introduced to me and after that he didn't leave my side. He has a law office down on Toulouse Street by the wharf. He oversees alot of accounts for the  River people. Rice, sugar and cotton goes through his brokerage even though he is a lawyer. We, um, started up a relationship that night. Andre, I swear there was never any real love there. It was just to fill a need and I never stopped loving you."
"But he thought he was going to marry you."
She sighed. "Yes, he did. He was going to ask my father for my hand. Solange told me. Oh, she was so excited at the thought that I would be a D'Estrehan!"
Andre looked deeply into her eyes and said, "And now?"
She touched his face and said softly, her voice filled with love for him, "And now that I have known real passion and love, I shall never let it go. Never let you go. Andre, I shall always be your woman. And I shall make sure that you shall crave no other. I shall be all that you need.
All that you ever want. Just to wake up next to you and knowing that you shall be at my side. And when the night comes, that we shall be as one."
Andre's voice grew husky with his desire for her. Drawing her close, he whispered, "Je t'aime, my darling Caesaire," as his hand gently pulled the sheet away from her and gazed on her.

Andre and Caesaire were like two people who had been dying of thirst and never knew it until they drank from the well of their souls.
The moon had risen and they were still locked in love for each other, niether knowing or caring if the world was crashing outside their door.
They had each other and that was enough for them.
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Jacqueline, John, Etienne, and Francois sat at the polished Oak table nailed in the center of the Quartermaster’s cabin. A single oil lantern waved languidly with the steady rock of the ship in her moorings, bathing the center in the only light as it hung from it’s peg above. Four pewter tankards slammed together beneath, slightly sloshing their contents with the ringing clash.

“TAKE WHAT YE CAN! GIVE NOTHING BACK!” Four voices exclaimed loudly in unison.

Francois sat opposite from Jaquie, and it was by no accident that they had the most distance between them. Two empty rum bottles kept company with a third that was well on its way to joining it’s brethren. A small silver platter held a few smoldering butts from the cigars that left a wavy layer of smoke in the air above their heads. Jaquie grinned above the cards she held, a fresh black tobacco cigar held in her teeth.

“So, Dogs, which one a ya is got the stomach at see me?” The Jamaican beauty laughed. “It’ll cost ya twenty silver.”

“I am in.” Francois grinned, counting out twenty silver coins from his stack and tossing them into the pile in the table’s center.

“Aye!” Nodded John, tossing his own bet into the pot. “And I’ll raise ye ten more!”

“Merde!” Etienne threw his cards into the pile. “She is too rich for my blood, Amis.”

“Nothing again, eh, Mate?” John winked.

“A lousy pair, and both of them deuces!” de Marigny groused, draining his tankard then reaching for the bottle.

“So, what do you think?” Jaquie took the cigar from her mouth and looked at the men each in turn.

“About what, Captain Villard?” John stared at his hand.

“Andre.” She lay her cards face down on the table. “The three of you know as well as I that he has never let a woman this close to him. I had heard she was once the woman of Jean Lafitte. Could she still be working with him? A trick to get to Andre?”

“Yer drunk, Jaquie.” John chuckled.

“As are we all.” The dusky piratess shot back. “Ye know as well as I that Rum can bring truth. What do you lot think?”

Francois set his cards down, quickly followed by the quartermaster. “Very well.” He said. “We have thought of that. Especially once we were made aware of her true identity.”

“True identity?” Jaquie echoed.

“When she first came to us she gave her name as 'Isabelle Valcour'.” John spoke solemnly. “When we learned her name was actually Caesaire Trosclair we did some discreet digging behind Andre’s back. She was at one time involved with Lafitte. She cut ties with him around the same time we mutinied. It could be a coincidence.”

“John voiced our concerns as delicately as he could after the skirmish we had with a ship that was shadowing us.” Etienne continued. “Andre was vehement in his defense of the mademoiselle. We accept his judgment….for the moment.”

“Then so will I.” Jacqueline scowled. “For the moment.”

“Why, Jaquie.” Francois just drunk enough teased slightly. “You sound almost jealous.”

In a flash that startled the three men at the table, Francois more than the rest, Jacqueline drew and buried her dagger in the table top. “I’ll tell you dogs a secret that none other knows, and if I ever hear it again I’ll cut all your tongues out and sew ‘em to your privets!”

The statuesque woman drew a deep breath. “Andre is the only man I ever considered giving myself to willingly, and I’ll be damned if I’ll let any she dog harm him….no matter how pretty.” She looked down, staring at the table top. “I tried the night of the duel.”

Jaquie’s cheeks began to glow with a pinkish undertone. “I got him stinking drunk, and did everything short of outright rape to get him to ask me…….The bastard ignored me!!!!”

Francois fell backwards with the chair from shock. “If I had known, I would have braved that duel!”

The cabin roared with the collective laughter. “Get your arse back up here and finish the hand, my randy little dog!” Jaquie choked with laughter. “Before we all grow too old to plunder!”

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Soft orange light from several open windows colored the bluish purple haze of night. Light cooling breezes flowed lazily across the small balcony of Caesaire and Andre’s room, rustling the fronds of the many palm trees that remained in the township. A small patch of the ocean visible through the buildings at the end of the near vacant street.

Andre half leaned, half sat on the ornate ironwork railing, one arm around Caesaire, the other cradling her head against his chest. She snuggled her back closer to his bare chest and laced her fingers through his as it lay idle on her belly. Her other hand lay on the doe skin of his britches, her fingertips tracing random patterns gently above his knee. Content in the feel of his bare flesh touching hers where she had allowed the sheet she was wrapped in to slide down her back.


“Oui, Cherie?” He turned his head from the ribbon of light the full moon had painted on the ocean surface, and lay his cheek tenderly on her head.

“Of all the women you must have met, was there not one that brought out feelings in you?” She asked innocently.

Andre smiled gently against her head. “I paid for all my women, Cher.” He half whispered. “I will tell you a secret that none but I know. Not even my crew.”

Andre lifted his head as Caesaire slowly turned in his arms to face him. His hands insured that her thin sheet stayed in place before drawing her closer to himself again. “And what would that be, Amoureux?”

“When I thought I had lost you, I found that I could never love another woman.” He looked deeply into her eyes. “I could make love with them, but they were nothing. A poor substitute for the love I thought gone forever.”

Caesaire pressed closer laying her head on his chest as they both gazed out at the sea. “Le plus cher, I know that Jacqueline prefers women for her pleasures, but there is something more there. I am a woman, and I know there is something more to her relationship with you.”

She felt his chest vibrate as he attempted to hold back a chuckle. “There is, Cheri, but not what you would expect. The night of the duel, when we went to Jaquie’s ship, she did offer herself to me. In her own fashion. I pretended to be ignorant of her intentions.”


“Because if I would have offered her gold for a night with her…..She would have made a woman of ME!!!” The two lovers laughed so hard they had to sit on the floor of the small balcony.

“But you would not have had to offer her gold, Cher.” Caesaire finally choked out once she could catch her breath.

One bejeweled hand gently raised her chin to meet his dead serious eyes again. “Oui, Cheri. I would have had to offer her gold. You are the only woman beyond price to me.” Softly he lowered his lips to hers.

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Caesaire met his eyes with a passion that matched his own. She stepped back and held her hand out to Andre. He put his hand in hers and she turned and led him to the bed.
Lips touching lips, skin touching skin....they could not get their fill of each other.
The morning light found them still wrapped in their passion's embrace but deep in slumber. The  sweet scent of the tropical flowers filled their room as the breeze gently blew the lace curtains inward.
Slowly Andre opened his eyes. He had not felt this content in his entire life. And as soon as they took the Pata del Tigre,  his life would be complete and he'd be rich beyond his wildest dreams. He could buy Caesaire a plantation..several of them. Perhaps even buy Destrehan....
Caesaire softly breathed his name, her voice ending in a little sigh. He brushed her hair back out of her face and kissed her gently.
"Bon jour, ma cher. Did you sleep well?"
She gave him a languid smile as she stretched her arms above her head and then wrapped them around his waist, laying her head on his chest, her honey-hued locks falling over them both. He smiled to himself.
Could Leofric have been any more contented with his Godiva?
She rested her chin on his chest and looked into his hazel eyes, her deep blue eyes telling him all that he needed to know. That she was his completely, and no other would come between them.
She traced his lips with her finger, Andre taking her hand and kissing the fingertip.
"My darling, I have never felt so protected."
He tried to stop the pounding of his heart but it was no use. His body ached for Caesaire and he knew that she felt the same. That nothing would do until they quenched their desire for each other.....
As they lay there in each other's arms, Caesaire held him tightly, her leg draped across Andre's. She gently ran her fingers up and down his arm and said softly, "Je t'aime, my darling."
Andre held her close and whispered, "Et je t'aime aussi, Caesaire."
In the next breath, Caesaire said, "Andre?"
"Oui, ma petite?"
"I want to find out what happened to the Shattered Dreams."
"We shall, love."
"And when I do find her, I want to let her go."

Andre sat up quickly, just about knocking Caesaire off the bed.
"What do you mean, let your ship go?"
She righted herself and said, "Andre, my love, I no longer care about captaining a ship. What am I going to do? Sail off on mine, you sail off on yours and we spend a few days here and there whenever we run into each other at port?"
She shook her head. "No, Monsieur Beaudouin. Now that I have found you again, I shall never let you sail off without me. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to join your crew."
He tried to suppress a chuckle.
"And can you serve under a captain such as me?"
She gave him a look he was beginning to recognize. The flush in her cheeks, the smoldering embers in her eyes, her breath catching a bit....
"Aye, Captain Beaudouin. I can serve under or over or..."
He silenced her with a kiss.

"Oui, mon amoreux?"
"We need to leave and board le Faucon."
She groaned, "But I want to stay here."
He kissed her tenderly and brushed her hair back. "As do I, my darling, but we have a job to do."
She sighed. "And I, above all, understand this. Very well, Monsieur Beaudouin. As you wish."
She rose out of the bed, taking the sheet with her.
Andre chuckled, "I don't think that silk ever looked so well."
She gave him a backward glance over her shoulder. "There's more...."
"And all of it mighty pretty!"
"But we have to leave."
"Oui, cher. We have to leave."
"Can we come back here next time we are in the area?"
"You have my word on it, love."
She blew him a kiss and disappeared into the alcove.

Within fifteen minutes, both were dressed and ready to leave. The trunks had been sent ahead. Andre had arranged for a breakfast of bread and fresh fruit to be sent up while Caesaire made herself 'presentable' as she said.
But Andre thought the woman would look beautiful even in a flour sack.

As they walked arm in arm down the stairs, neither noticed the figure that was watching them covertly.
'Jean Lafitte will find this interesting. Very interesting indeed....'
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Jean grinned evilly at the news. So Andre and Caesaire were in Antilla. When Beaudouin had unknowingly sunk The Hazard he had given them up for lost to him for the moment. From their last known course they could have ported anywhere from Jamaica to the Bermudas. Perhaps Andre’s incredible luck was finally beginning to desert him. It was about damn time.

“Captain Garnier, Make ready The Shattered Dreams.” Lafitte barked. “We sail within the hour!”

“Oui, Jean.” Depaul brought two fingers to his brow, turned on his heel and left the study without another word. He need not be a mind reader to know what Jean had in mind. All faith in his commander began to erode when Lafitte brought Caesaire’s ship to Barataria.

Garnier had stood in near shock that night at the sight of the missing vessel gently rocking in her moorings. So it was true. It had been Lafitte who had taken the ship and had the watch murdered. The sight made him secretly wonder if he should not have gone with Andre the morning they had cut the tow line from The Hazard to Le Faucon de Mer, as they had renamed her.

Watching a work detail scrape the ornate lettering from the aft he heard Jean say triumphantly. “A ship to replace the Hazard, Mon Ami! It is only fitting that since her lover sank my ship, she should replace it with hers, Nes’t ce pas?”

Lafitte turned to him with a smile. “Mon Ami, you are now the captain of, Le Harpy.”

He shook his head slowly at the memory, then suddenly stopped in his tracks, staring down the rise at the re-named Shattered Dreams. Did Jean say ‘we’? Lafitte was going along this time? This was not good. Not good at all.

James Parker sat across from Jean at the desk, nursing the goblet of bourbon in his hand. “I take it yer goin’ with us then, Captain?”

“Indeed I am, James.” Lafitte gazed off into space lost in his plan. “This time there will be no mistakes. It is time I settled with that motherless dandy and reclaimed my property.”

Parker wondered if Lafitte meant the Faucon, or the woman.

Andre stood on the upper deck, unconsciously stroking his hand across Caesaire’s lower back as Le Faucon de Mer slipped her moorings and began to edge her way out to sea, the soft groan of her rigging comforting to his ear. El Pata del Tigre had sailed three hours ago, followed by Jaquie’s ship Calypso’s Revenge an hour later. Excitement built in his breast like a passion at the thought of how close they were to the goal.

He felt Caesaire’s own hand return the caress and smiled softly. “Ah, Cheri. Soon we will have the richest prize in history under our belts and then we will make history.” He beamed down to her.

Caesaire smiled up into his hazel eyes. The breeze gently flapping the burgundy tails of his head scarf to the left of his black caviler’s hat. Framed in the black and burgundy plumes the sunlight glinted from the gold ring in his left ear. The thought that she was about to leave the slightly more respectable life of a privateer to become a full pirate for this man bothered her not in the least. He was hers at last.

“But, Cheri, I thought the shipment was secret. How will it make history if none but us know of it?”

“Ahhhhh!” He winked with a wicked grin. Caesaire had changed into the clothing she wore as the captain of The Shattered Dreams. Her loosely curled golden hair cascaded from beneath her tricorn to her shoulders, framing features that enflamed his heart with a mere glance. “That I will tell you tonight in our cabin. First there is a small, but important, matter that must be attended to. We are far enough out now.”

Striding to the rail he planted one bell booted foot firmly on the molded railing and leaned forward, resting one elbow on his knee. “Ahoy, ye motherless dogs!” He all but laughed. “Stand afore the mast!”

“Break open a keg of rum, lads, and see to it that every man has his cup filled!” He barked with a smile worthy of the best politician on his face.

Every pirate not needed immediately to sail the sleek warship gathered in a loose knot at the base of the upper deck. Casaire marveled slightly at the contrast. Although every one dressed like any other buccaneer she had ever met, the cleanliness and discipline rivaled that of a French naval vessel. Sunlight glinted from weapons, and countless polished brass buckles, and jewelry.

Andre motioned her to stand next to him at the rail, then unhooked his own silver tankard from the frog on his belt and marched down the short stairs to join his crew. “Before ye be one that wishes to join with ye dogs!” He spoke loudly as he went. “Bring forth the Articles of Le Faucon de Mer!”

Andre turned to face her in front of his crew and lifted his tankard as Etienne brought a rolled parchment up to her. The first mate unrolled the parchment and held it for her to read. She nodded , and he lay the lower half of the document on the rail. John Hubbard stepped to her opposite side and held out a quill and well.

“What say you Caesaire Trosclair?” Andre boomed from the lower deck. “Will ye make your mark before the mast, and swear by the Articles of Le Faucon de Mer?”

“Aye! I will, Captain Beaudouin!” She shouted as her eyes locked in love with his.

“What say you dogs!” Andre turned to the crew, his silver tankard still held high above his head.

To a man the various cups were lifted into the air with a roaring, “Aye!” Caesaire leaned down with a small tear of joy tracing down one cheek, and with the stroke of her quill Caesaire Trosclair, daughter of Christophe Trosclair, and captain of the privateer Shattered Dreams became Caesaire the Pirate.

Her heart pounded with the same excitement she felt when she would slip out of St. Ursulines Convent to dance with the slaves in Congo Square, as the crew downed the contents of their cups and cheered for her in welcome. Pere wasn’t going to like this news.
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Etienne held up the parchment for all to see.
"Voici! A new pirate has joined us! HUZZAH!"
"HUZZAH!!" the cry went out from among the crew. Andre stood there with a huge grin, his smile stirring her heart.
Andre took the steps two at a time and grabbed her around the waist, whirling her around.
"Any regrets, love?"
She shook her head no. "I know that you will always protect me and if our lives should end in a battle, the time we have together is worth more than a lifetime without you, Andre!"
He held her close, taking her tricorn off and his cavalier hat too. He lifted her chin to his face and kissed her gently on the lips.
"I shall always protect you and defend you, mon cher. Now I want you to think carefully about this--are you sure you want to abandon the Shattered Dreams?"
She nodded. "The name no longer applies, my dear heart. My dreams are no longer shattered. But are realized. Andre, I love you with all my heart. I've loved you ever since I was five years old and gave you the paper heart along with my own."
At that moment, Andre thought he couldn't love her any more than he did.
Andre and Caesaire turned to the clearing of the throat. He broke out in a grin. But Caesaire felt herself automatically stiffen.
She extended her hand to Caesaire. "Welcome to the ranks of pyracy, my little beauty! Are you prepared to handle it?"
Caesaire smiled but it felt brittle on her face. "Do not forget, Captain Villard, that I too was a captain of a ship."
Jacqui smiled and crossed her arms in front of her. "Ah, yes.  A ship that ran up and down the Mississippi and into the coastal waters of the colonies. Have you seen combat, ma petite?"
Caesaire felt her face colour at what she perceived to be a deprecating remark to her abilities.
"While I am not a captain who has seen alot of battles, I had sailed with Jean Lafitte. I was more into a purveyor of good but I held my own and was able to slip things into port without paying duty-tax."
Jacqui laughed heartily. "Ah, that is what it is all about, n'est-ce pas? Using beauty and brains both!"
Caesaire locked arms with Andre and said  quietly, "I'd like to think that brains had more to do with it, Captain Villard."
Jacqui waved her hand in the air. "Agreed, Mademoiselle Trosclair!  Fortunately I can see you possess them both."
She looked from Andre to Caesaire and burst out laughing. "Quelle domage! Or maybe it is saints be praised that two most attractive people have found one another to the excluding of others!"
She shook her head as she chuckled. "I shall be seeing what devilment I can inflict upon that randy little pup of yours, Andre! Bon soir!"
Caesaire watched Captain Jacqui Villard walk away with a sway in her hips. Suddenly she felt a bit inadequate to be a pirate. Andre sensed that Caesaire was uneasy and he wrapped his arms around her.
"I will turn the ship over to John Hubbard and you and I shall spend a day up on the upper deck, just talking about anything and everything. How does that suit you, cher?"
"And could we have a picnic lunch there, with cognac?"
He chuckled. "As you wish, ma cher."
He turned to Hubbard and said, "The ship is yours, John. See that we are not disturbed unless an emergency. We shall have plenty to do tomorrow but for now, let us all relax and prepare for what lies ahead."
The day passed quickly, Caesaire and Andre spending the day to themselves on the upper deck, just enjoying each other. Jacqui was not to be seen when they came down as the sun had set.
Andre had made arrangements for the cook to prepare a special dinner. As they entered the cabin, a table was set with lobster and drawn butter, salad greens and a bottle of champagne.
"Andre! How wonderful!"
He laughed. "I want this to be a special evening, cher. One we will always remember."
She put her arms around him and kissed him. "Then it calls for a special dress!"
Blowing him a kiss, she disappeared into the alcove off his cabin.

As Andre uncorked the champagne, Caesaire emerged from the alcove in a dress of emerald green. Andre could feel his heart leap into his throat.
He whispered, "Mother of God, Caesaire you ever stop being beautiful?"
She could feel the blush.
"What a wonderful surprise, Andre."
He felt the velvet box in his pocket as he said, "And the evening is not over yet, my love. Not by a long shot..."
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Andre lit the candles in the center of the table, then held out Caesaire’s chair for her. “Mon cher?” His dazzling smile off set by the coal black waxed moustache and goatee. The burgundy silk head scarf holding his long black hair in place as it flowed down past his broad shoulders. She felt her breath catch in her throat at the sight of the suave buccaneer who had claimed her heart since childhood patiently awaiting her pleasure.

“Merci, Mon amore.” She replied, unable to keep the husky tone of desire from creeping into her voice. She gently stroked his freshly shaven cheek as she sat.

“It is my pleasure, My love.” He smiled back, turning his head just enough to lightly kiss her finger tips as they passed. The warm mix of unconditional love and desire she witnessed in his hazel eyes almost causing her to forgo the repast before them so that she could satisfy a different hunger. Still there was more than enough time this night to satisfy all their appetites.

Caesaire also knew him well enough to know that Andre had something else on his mind this night other than just dinner and carnal pleasure. She had seen him in the same state often during their childhood together. Especially when he had something special planned, usually something he hoped would show another how he felt about them. For all his bluster and self confidence there were times he could be painfully shy. It was a trait that had endeared him to her long ago. She could wait long enough to let him play out what ever it was he had in mind.

They talked over old times together as they dined, laughing at the memories as they relived them. Finally arriving at the night Andre had first dared to kiss her. The last night they had set eyes on each other. It was then Andre’s mood changed slightly and she witnessed a small sadness edge into his mood.

“The next day, Mon petit, when Sebastian gave me the news that you had been sent away he was so elated.” Andre stared at his nearly empty plate, his voice soft and tinged with melancholy. “Little did he know that my heart shattered into a thousand pieces at that moment. I hid my feelings well from your cousin that day. Until the day he went off to privet school, and I went to sea seeking my fortune.” Caesaire felt a growing lump in her throat as she watched him once again bare his soul to her.

“No matter how I tried I could never forget you, Cher. In truth I didn’t want to.” He continued, his eyes rising to meet hers. “I still held onto the hope that one day I would become worthy of you and find you again. If nothing else to let you know how I truly felt for you.”

“Even if I would have found that you had moved on to another love, I wanted you to at least know that no other woman would ever claim my heart. That part of me was yours and yours alone.” A small sad smile played across his lips. “This had never been tested until the night Isabelle Valcour set foot onto my ship. In all my dreams of how beautiful you would become as a woman I never imagined you would so exceed my vision, Mon amore. That is why I did not recognize you.”

“Andre.” Caesaire breathed.

He smiled wistfully. “Even then I fought a losing battle to keep her out of my heart. I failed miserably. I should have known that though my mind could not recognize you, my heart knew who you were and was as helpless before you as it always was.” Slowly he stood and made his way to the side of her chair, kneeling beside her. “The first share I received from my service aboard The Hazard I sent half to my mère. The rest I used in those hopes of seeing you again.”

Caesaire reached out tenderly to cup his cheek in her hand as he gazed up at her. "I almost threw this away when I thought I had lost myself to Isabelle. It was for you and you alone, and I would never give it to another. I kept it hidden for over twelve years in hope. Now that the dream has come to life, I ask you to accept this…..and with it me.”

He drew the small velvet box from his pocket as if he were handling the most fragile of things. Slowly he opened it, holding it out for her to gaze on. “Caesaire, my only love, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

Her eyes widened as tears of joy flowed unashamed from her bright blue eyes. There resting in the satin lining of the box was a ring of purest gold, set with a pear shaped diamond the size of the tip of her little finger, sparkling in the flickering candlelight like a star come to Earth.

For an eternal moment she was speechless as he gazed into her eyes, holding his breath, and praying as hard as he had prayed the night she left for the answer he so desperately wished to hear.

“Oh, Andre!” She whispered, drawing his head closer to hers. “Yes, Mon amore! Yes!!” Her mouth sought his in a kiss that was more tender, more passionate, than any they had ever shared before.

With infinite care Andre slipped the ring onto her hand, and stood up urging her into his arms. Their lips sought each other’s and soon the kiss became far more urgent in it’s desire. He felt her tugging his shirt from his britches and his hands responded in kind, slowly untying the laces of her dress. Soon their clothing lay beside her chair, Andre lifting her nude body into his arms as Caesaire nuzzled his neck, her arms clinging to him as she ran her fingers through his soft locks.

As he gently lay her on their bed his lips traced patterns of love on her own soft throat. Their breathing growing more heavy with their mounting desire. Softly they stroked each other’s bare flesh, the caresses becoming more intimate with each passing moment. Both of them wanting nothing more for the moment than to prolong the tender sweetness of their touching for as long as possible.

A sharp gasp of passion escaped Andre’s lips as he felt her soft hands touch him in the most intimate way a woman could touch a man. Electric waves of honeyed desire flowing through his very being as he felt her lips on his chest. Never had the touch of a woman aroused such desire in him and he shuddered with the pleasure.

He felt her gently push him onto his back and he complied happily, more than content to be her obedient lover. Wanting nothing more in the world than to be anything she wished him to be. To do anything she wished him to do. He was hers this night, body, heart, and soul.

A second, louder gasp of love soaked passion exploded from his lips and his eyes rolled momentarily into his head. Caesaire’s angelic face hovered above him, and she began to make love to him as no other woman ever could.

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“Mon Amore?” Caesaire whispered softly as they lay snuggled in each other’s arms. “Why is this particular shipment so important to you?”

“Ah, yes.” He smiled. “I did promise to tell you of the plan, Cheri. Merci, for reminding me.”

Andre rose slightly to prop his head on his left elbow while he idly played with her silky golden tresses. “Besides being the richest prize I have ever known to sail the seas, She will provide the final funds we need to make a special vision come true.”

“A special vision?” She asked, her hand lightly stroking his forearm.

“Oui. A plan that I entered into in the hopes that it would raise me to a status even your father would have to be proud of, and in that pride have no objections when I asked for your hand.” Beaudouin grinned. “Providing, of course, I could find you again.”

Her sweet eyes widened slightly with the realization that everything this man had done since the day Christophe Trosclair had sent her to St. Ursuline, from leaving his gentile nature behind to become a pirate. From the mutiny and theft of Le Faucon de Mer, to his refusal to become a slaver. Everything had been in the hopes of attaining one goal. To return to her, the only love he had ever known.

“I have always known that I was never in the same social class as you and Sebastian, Mon amore.” She felt a small lump begin to grow in her throat as he continued, a slight tint of sadness in his deep voice. “You both were from one of the best houses of New Orleans and I but a street urchin. I had seen Jean Lafitte rise in standing to where he would receive invitations to balls at the plantations and was determined to find a way to rise just as high in their eyes. Then your pere could not refuse my request.”

“Andre.” Caesaire whispered, feeling the warmth of tears begin to fill her eyes. A infinitely gentile finger touched her lips silencing her.

“Not long ago I met a man named Benjamin le Renard.” His tone brightened quickly. “He, and an associate of his from the Colonies named Aaron Burr had a plan to not only free Louisiana from Spanish domination, but to make her a sovereign state all to her own. Once my own exploits had become known to them they contacted me.”

Andre Beaudouin’s smile widened immensely at the thought. “They invited me to help them in that endeavor and I readily agreed. Just think, Cheri. Should we prove successful I will be known as the pirate who freed Louisiana and started a new country in the new world! Not even Lafitte could boast of such an accomplishment!”

His excitement was contagious in it’s fervor and Caesaire felt herself begin to thrill at the thought. “Papa could never snub his nose at a man who could do such a thing.” She thought as he continued.

“I soon told John and the others, and to my surprise they asked to help me in the plan.” Andre chuckled. “It is good to have such friends in life. Still, such lofty ideas require money and although Benjamin is quite wealthy he cannot shoulder the burden alone. So for the past few years John, Etienne, Francois, and I have been secretly expanding our own wealth in an attempt to provide the necessary funds to accomplish the goal.”

Caesaire smiled with pride at her man. “Then this shipment….” She began.

“Oui, My darling.” He beamed. “This prize will put us over the mark and we can begin to chase Spain from our home forever!”

A wicked grin played on her lovely features. “Such hard work deserves a reward.” She winked as she wrapped her arms around him, rolling onto her back and pulling him with her.

Benjamin le Renard sat at a table in the far corner of Arnaud's waiting for his man to report to him. He had dispatched him to Barataria as soon as the carrier pigeon had arrived with the news of where Andre and Caesaire were arrived. Unless he missed his guess the information would prove more than enough to goad Lafitte into action and he had found a perfect ally to help him in his plans to set the two rivals at each other’s throats.

Calmly he sipped his coffee as he thought about his last plan to finally get Lafitte and Andre to openly battle each other. Giving that smelly lieutenant slaver of Jean’s enough money to engage Beaudouin in a game of chance had seemed a stroke of genius at the time. He knew at least two things would happen. One, the man had been instructed to deliberately lose and then to use it as an excuse to kill Andre. Secondly the hulking brute was no match for Beaudouin’s fighting skills.

He had hoped the man’s death would be the spark to ignite that smoldering keg of animosity and get Lafitte killed by Andre’s hand in the process. That had been the risky part. Those two were too evenly matched and there was the very real possibility that Andre would be the one dead. He would have hated to lose such a useful pawn, but then he could have always had Jean arrested and hung for the murder if it had come to that.

He had made certain that he was well out of New Orleans before setting the plan into motion, telling Andre that he was needed to oversee the hiring of some new mercenaries for the upcoming rebellion. Yet, the plan went awry and the only thing that had passed between the two powerful pirates were more harsh words. Perhaps this time would prove to be more fruitful. If Andre could be prodded into killing Jean they could take Barataria without a single shot being fired.

Drausin D'Estrehan entered the café and scanned the room, smiling as he caught sight of his new friend waving him over to the table. “Bon jour, Monsieur Renard.” He smiled as the man rose to shake hands with him. “It was a success and Lafitte is even now readying to set sail and sink that bastard. Soon my fiancée will be mine again.”

“Well done, Drausin.” Benjamin smiled. “When I learned of your predicament from your sister, Madame Solange, I knew I had to help you if I could.”

“You are very kind, Monsieur.” The jilted lawyer smiled. “Come, let us order a bottle of Arnaud's finest and celebrate.”

Andre and Caesaire lay dozing in each other’s embrace, the past three days at sea had proven as much a paradise to them as the time they had spent ashore in Cuba. Tacking their way toward the Bahamas along the usual routes they would arrive at their destination long before the Pata del Tigre would, taking the much longer southern route.

Their days filled with the joy of each other’s company. Sneaking off to their cabin, or some other fairly abandoned part of the Faucon from time to time to love each other. The crew had gotten use to their sudden disappearances and would smile knowingly. The ring flashing from Caesaire’s hand offered all the explanation they needed and neither actually shirked their duties. There were worse ways to while away idle hours than amore.

The mid-morning light flowed through the windows of the cabin on the fourth day softly when the clanging of the ship’s bell brought Andre out of his reverie in her arms. Quick as a cat he leapt from the bed. Pulling on his britches and boots he grabbed his baldric from it’s peg near the door, slipping it over his bare chest. No time to properly dress he shoved his two pistols into his wide belt and bolted from the room as Caesaire struggled to lace her bodice.

“What is it, Mon amis??!!” He shouted as he burst into the sunlight, rapier drawn.

Jacqueline Villard, Etienne, John, and Francois were gathered at the port side of the ship. A long spyglass in Jaquie’s hands pointed at a quickly approaching vessel. “We’re not sure, Andre.” She scowled, handing the telescope to him. “They just appeared and made a bee line for us! Never heard of her before, but I do not think her intentions are good!”

Sheathing his sword Andre stared at the rapidly approaching ship, his open eye widened as her colors rose into the sky. The Jolly Roger. The only other thing he could make out was the name emblazoned on either side of the bow. Le Harpy. “All hands to battle stations! Raise our colors! Move you scurvy dogs!!” He handed the spyglass back to Jaquie as the deck of Le Faucon de Mer came alive in a flurry of activity. Soon the black flag of piracy flew from their own mast as well.

Caesaire ran out into the sunlight, two pistols of her own shoved into her own belt. A cutlass from Andre’s weapons chest in her own hand and a dagger protruding from the top of her boot. “Mon amore! What’s going on?!” She asked as she handed him the burgundy silk head scarf he had forgotten.

“We are not yet sure, Cheri.” Andre quickly tied his loose hair into place with the offered garment. “An unknown ship is making for us. If her intentions are a fight, she will find Le Faucon more than ready.”

Caesaire looked up and the color drained from her face. “Oh my dear God, Andre!” She exclaimed. “It’s The Shattered Dreams!”

“Are you certain, Cher?” Andre’s features darkened with rage at the thought of someone daring to attack him with his lover’s ship.

“Oui, My love! I would know her anywhere!” Caesaire’s voice cracked with the emotion she felt rise in her. The thought of someone threatening her man with her own ship almost more than she could bare.

John Hubbard and the gunners waited silently as the renamed vessel pulled into hailing range. All of their guns trained amid ships, when the voice came across the few yards separating the two war ships.

“Ahoy, you motherless dandy!!” Jean Lafitte cupped his hands to his mouth and shouted out. Andre’s eyes shot daggers at the figure of his former employer. “Since I would take it that neither of us wants to damage the other’s ship, I propose another, more honorable method of settling this thing between us!”

“And what would you know of honor, Slave runner?!!” Andre shouted, even John Hubbard wondered at the venom he had never before heard in his captain’s voice.

“Far more than you, Street child!!” Lafitte shot back. “Not two hours ahead is a small island! I propose we go ashore there with no more than six of our own crew and settle this once and for all in the old fashion! Just you and me! Winner take all!”

“I agree, You piece of filth!!” Andre shouted, his temper breaking. “You ‘ad better ‘ave one of your crew bring le shovel to bury you with, fils de pute!!!”

Caesaire’s mouth dropped open, though no stranger to the swearing of sailors she had never heard such a phrase come from Andre. Even from here she could see Jean’s face go blood red at the insult. Lafitte’s reply was even more unnerving to her as he shouted back with uncharacteristic calm.

“Very well, Andre! We meet for the final time there!”

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Caesaire ran to the rail, her heart dropping to her feet so fast she was surprised she didn't trip on them. Her hands gripped the rail tightly as she shouted, "NO! JEAN, I WON'T STAND FOR IT!"
Lafitte laughed uproariously. "And what won't you stand for, my little traitor? The duel? The fact that I am--" and at this he ran his hand over the rail lovingly of the Shattered Dreams--"now the captain of this fine vessel?"
She could hardly find her voice as she managed to choke out, "You killed them all! Pierre..Lucien.....Jacques....why did you have to kill them?"
"Ma petite, it was not my fault. They chose to be on board, trespassing on one of my ships."
"YOUR ship?"
"Oui. The ship that I let you borrow."
"GIFTED! You GIFTED me with it!"
"I have an offer for you, ma come aboard this ship, be nice and we shall let Monsieur Beaudouin keep his ship, his crew and his life. His pride I take. That is non-negotiable."
Andre's face turned red with rage. "We shall see whose pride is taken, you dog."
Jean pulled his ship away and held up two fingers.
"Two hours, you motherless dandy. TWO! Caesaire, my darling, start packing your things. I shall be happy to give you a ride back to Barataria."
"NEVER!" she screamed.
As Jean sailed off, Caesaire turned to Andre. Never had she seen him so full of rage. She took his arm and said in a low voice, "Andre, please. Let us talk in private in your cabin."
Andre's mouth formed into a grim line. "Hubbard? The ship is yours. Temporarily, that is."
His crew parted like the Red Sea as Caesaire led Andre into the cabin and he shut the door.
Andre took off his baldric and reached for his shirt. Caesaire put her arms around him from the back and held him tight. He could feel her hot tears on his skin. Slowly he turned and put his hands on her shoulders.
"Ma petite, I have no intention of losing this duel. So dry your eyes now."
She shook her head. "Andre, things happen. Things we don't plan. Jean is crafty. He doesn't play fair. If he did, he would have let my crew live. He has something devious planned. Oh my love, I am begging you to not do this foolish thing. Do not let him goad you. Andre, my darling, I have just now found you. Don't take that away from me. I can't live without you! I can't! I WON'T!"
She clung to him tightly as she sobbed. All Andre could do was hold her. He felt tears spring to his eyes.
Why now?
Why when he found the love that he had been searching for? Would they only have a scant week to revel in their love for each other? What a cruel trick that fate had played on them.
He softly stroked her hair and rested his chin on top of her head, drawing her close to him.
"Cher, I won't let anything happen to us. But I can't back down from this duel. Have it spread all over the Caribbean--not to mention New Orleans--that Andre Beaudouin backed down? Ran scared? Sacre bleu, mon amour! Never! How could I ever garner your respect? How could I face you? How could I face my crew? To do so would be asking for a mutiny. Never show a sign of any weakness. EVER!"
Her tears spent, she looked up into his hazel eyes and touched his cheek. She nodded.
"As a pirate, I understand. As a woman, I am afraid. As your lover, I am terrified. But for you, I shall be brave. But know one thing, Andre Beaudouin. When you go ashore, I will be one of the six with you. THAT is non-negotiable."
He cupped her face in his hands and saw the determination on her face. He knew it was useless to argue, that they would waste precious time in doing so.
He nodded solemnly, "Reluctantly, I will acquiesce to this."

She held him close and thought, 'And if Jean Lafitte so much as harms a hair on his head, I shall run him through....'
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Caesaire shivered inside as she watched Andre step from the longboat into the shallow water of shore. A few yards away on the beach Jean Lafitte waited patiently with his own men. The warm tropical air had turned suddenly cold to her, as Andre held out his hand to help her from the boat. She couldn’t help but wonder if this would be the last time she would hold his living hand.

John Hubbard, and Francois had manned the oars taking them ashore with Jaquie, Etienne, herself and one other crewman she had yet to meet. Looking into her lover’s eyes only his concern for her shone through the anger that still smoldered in them. For a moment the ring he had placed on her finger caught her attention and she fought to keep the tears from her eyes.

They had remained in their cabin for the first hour at her insistence making love. Only his logic that he would need his strength for the duel had dissuaded her from keeping him in her bed for the entire two hours and she prayed that if the worse should happen she would at least now carry a living part of him inside her belly.

Once they had emerged on deck his friends had surrounded them, John and the others shaking his hand. Jacqueline had embraced him briefly, whispering something she could not hear into his ear. When they parted she shook Andre’s hand and he smiled, the last one she had seen from him until now.

“Smile for me, Cheri.” He beamed. “Soon you will have your revenge on that pig.”

Without a word she wrapped her arms around him, kissing him with all the passion she could bring up from loving him since childhood. “Je t'aime, Cher.” She whispered as they parted.

Gently he placed his forehead against hers. “Je t’amie, Caesaire.” He whispered back.

“How touching!” Jean’s voice came across the yards separating them, cutting into the moment. “I hope the two of you enjoyed your final moments together! They shall be your last!”

Andre picked up Caesaire in his arms from the boat carrying her the few short steps to dry land before setting her down. Francois, John, and Etienne pulled the boat ashore after Jaquie and the last crewman leapt out, spraying salt water from their legs in their haste to join Andre and Caesaire.

Noticing the look on Caesaire’s face Jaquie leaned close to her. “Do not fear, My pretty pretty.” She whispered. “I have fought with your man before and this time I believe Lafitte has bitten off more than he can chew.” She winked.

Caesaire nodded, doing her best to put on a brave face for the sake of her man. She would have been more inclined to believe the tall piratess’ words had she not seen the treachery Jean Lafitte was capable of first hand.

The two crews stood with their backs to the anchored ships some two hundred yards away, separated by no more than a few yards themselves. Garnier Depaul watched in sadness as the two former friends squared off to face each other in front of their respective crews. No matter what happened now he was certain either death would spark a conflagration that would bring New Orleans to her knees.

Andre and Jean pulled their shirts off and handed their weapons to their seconds. Jean to Garnier, Andre to John. By tradition the only weapons they would be permitted were cutlass. Normally the fight would only last until one of them drew first blood. This time was different, this time the duel would be to the death and all who were about to bare witness to it knew.

The two antagonists walked a few feet away from their respective parties and held out their hands. Francois and Parker walked out to the combatants and held out the sheathed weapons. Almost as one Lafitte and Beaudouin jerked the razor sharp weapons free of their sheaths, the noon day sunlight flashing off the deadly polished steel. Eyeing each other evilly they began to circle each other slowly, waiting for some unspoken signal to begin.

“Finally it has come to this you dandy sans mere!” Jean spit. “Too long have I endured humiliation at your hands! It ends today!”

“As it should have long ago, Ordure.” Andre hissed back. “Until now it was no more than a silly game between us! When you caused harm to my amore you crossed the line. She will have satisfaction for her murdered crew this day!”

“Ze only thing she will ‘ave zis day is the memory of you spitting blood onto this beach, Creole tantouze!” Jean shouted.

“Dear God!” Francois sucked his breath in sharply. “Please tell me Lafitte didn’t just say that!”

Andre Beaudouin’s face went blood red with rage. A guttural howl of bloodlust erupted from him as he charged into Lafitte. Jean barely catching the vicious overhand strike on his own blade, feeling the impact of the stroke all the way to his shoulder. Quickly he stepped to one side and swung his own weapon in a horizontal fan at Andre’s midsection. Caesaire nearly screamed and held her hand to her mouth to stop it.

Andre leapt backward pulling his stomach away from the strike intended to gut him. As it was the tip of the sword missed by a mere fraction of an inch. Quickly he thrust forward, intending to skewer Jean as he fought against the momentum of the missed cut. Somehow Lafitte was able to swing his cutlass back in time to parry the deadly thrust and the two men separated for a few seconds. Each circling, looking for the slightest opening in the other’s defenses.

As if suddenly pushed from behind by giant invisible hands the two men charged each other again, each grabbing the other’s sword hand.  Around and around they struggled, sand spraying from their boots. Like two stags in the forest with their horns locked they strove to overcome each other with sheer brute force. The muscles tense to the point that the veins stood out in relief on their forearms and biceps. Their breath hissing between clenched teeth. Jean’s knee came up into Andre’s solar plexus knocking the wind from his lungs. Hanging on for his life Beaudouin fell backward, placing his boot in Lafitte’s middle and sending him flying over head.

Unable to catch his breath for a few moments Andre lay helpless, panting as Jean regained his feet and dove for his prone form blade first. This time Caesaire could not hold herself back and her scream sent the parrots flying from the jungle, adding their own screeching to hers. Andre rolled at the last second and Jean’s cutlass buried half it’s length into the beach were he had lain a moment before. Quickly Andre brought his own hand back clouting Jean on the back of the skull with the steel basket, stunning him.

Staggering to their feet the two enemies shot looks of pure hatred at each other as they struggled to shake off the pain. Andre holding his stomach, Lafitte the back of his head, their breath deep and heavy. Slowly the circled each other once more, their boots digging shallow trenches in the sand.

Without a word Lafitte charged in again, faking a overhand strike of his own he switched tactics at the last second and suddenly thrusting at Andre’s exposed chest. Caesaire desperately wanted to close her eyes, and Etienne went sheet white, cursing beneath his breath.

Andre grinned and twisted sideways, the cutlass passing into the air a hair’s breadth from his chest. At the same moment he had changed his grip on his own cutlass. Now holding the sword like a huge dagger he drove it downward into Jean’s thigh. Lafitte’s own cry of pain filled the silent beach as he crumpled to his good knee, using his own blade like a cane to keep himself upright.

“Now you, Fils de pute.” Andre huffed from the exertion of the fight. “I hope your dogs brought that shov…”

A whirling dark object flew across the few feet separating the combating pirates from their crews and ricocheted off the back of Andre’s head with a crack like the shot of a pistol. His hazel eyes rolled into their sockets and he collapsed like a rag doll to the sand next to the belaying pin. Caesaire’s eyes widened with shock as a second explosion filled the air. Both crews pulled their weapons in time to see Parker crumple to the sand, exposing Garnier behind him, the pistol in his hand still smoking.

“You back biting connard!” The grizzled captain growled. “Rest in Hell!”

As both crew’s eyes were riveted on the treacherous dead man Jean quickly flipped Andre onto his back. Grasping his cutlass in both hands he raised it high over head, intending to finish off his rival while he had the chance. “Rest in Hell yourself, Beaudouin!” He hissed quietly.

Suddenly a third shot rang out and Jean’s sword flew from his grasp, the blade severed no more than a half an inch from the basket. Before the stunned onlookers could react Caesaire jerked Andre’s rapier from the sheath John Hubbard still held. Throwing her smoking flintlock to the ground she covered the distance to Lafitte and planted the toe of her boot under his chin, sending him sprawling backward.

Jean shook the stars from his eyes to find Caesaire standing above him, the point of Andre’s prized sword pressed firmly against his Adams apple and a look of murderous rage in the blond piratess’ blue eyes.

“Look at me well, Jean Lafitte!” She screamed. “I am the last thing your damned eyes will see in this world!”

“Go ahead, Caesaire!” He shot back defiantly as he could, the fear in his eyes belying his tone. “My men have orders to sink Le Faucon de Mer if I do not return!”

“I do not think that would be a wise thing for them to try, Dog!” The liquid Jamaican accent came from behind Caesaire. “Look for yourself!” Jaquie had come up to stand at her enraged comrade’s side.

Slowly Jean turned his head as far as he dared with the steel pressed to his throat. The report of a single cannon underscored the sight he beheld. The new pirate ship had fired a warning shot across the bow of Le Harpy. He was now caught between to fighting vessels in a hammer and anvil move. Where had it come from?

Jaquie looked down hard at the defeated pirate. “That, Dog, is The Calypso’s Revenge. My ship. Surely you did not think I would trust the famous Jean Lafitte to keep his word, or his honor?” The African beauty sneered. “As soon as Andre was out of sight I sent one of our carrier pigeons, instructing my crew to come to us with all haste.”

A moan from Andre brought Caesaire around. Forgetting all about killing Jean she dropped the rapier and knelt at his side, cradling his head in her lap. “Mon amore. Oh, Mon amore.” she whispered, tenderly stroking his face and forehead.

“Very well.” Jean mumbled as he struggled to rise to his feet. “You have won for now, and I will take my leave peacefully. We will fight no more this day.”

Caesaire waited until Etienne, and Francois had come to carry Andre’s semi conscious form back to the longboat before she stood. Turning to Jean she drew back and slapped his face so hard she nearly fell with the force of the blow. Then spitting into his face she turned on her heel to follow her heart back to their home.

“Captain Depaul!” Lafitte shouted his face and pride stinging in equal measure. “We sail for home!”

“Nay, Jean.” Garnier answered quietly, yet firmly.

“What do you mean, no?!” Lafitte demanded. “Where will you go then?!”

“Where I should have gone all those years ago.” Garnier answered. “If he will have me, I go with Andre.”
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Jean Lafitte stared hard at the captain formerly under his command. He hissed, '"Traitre!" and left with his four men, two of them carrying Parker's dead body.
As they pulled away in their longboat, Jean stared long and hard at his former companion--Caesaire Trosclair.
She stared back at him, a burning hatred in her eyes. Hate for what he had done to her beloved ship. Hate for murdering her crew. Her friends. And hatred for forcing the love of her life to narrowly lay down his life for her. What lengths these Frenchmen would go to in protecting what is theirs, be it possessions or people.
Jean turned away and stared at his vessel, the repossessed Shattered Dreams. Caesaire felt a tug at her heart for the ship that had been hers exclusively. How she had lovingly had the ship retooled for her own uses.
Shattered dreams....shattered no more. Here was her dream in a body of a man. A man that she loved with all her heart and soul.
The groggy voice calling out her name snapped her back into the present.
She threw Andre's rapier down and flung herself down on her knees next to Andre. Etienne had been supporting Andre. She gently stroked her only love's cheek.
He smiled wanly at her. "I'm still alive, like I promised you,  mon amore."
She tried to stop a tear from tracing down her cheek but wasn't succeeding. She smiled through her tears and said softly, "You promised to marry me, Andre Beaudouin."
He took her hand. "And I soon as I get rid of this headache."
Caesaire stood up and shouted to the men, "We need to get Captain Beaudouin back to Le Faucon. I see the scabbrous chien is now out of sight although his ship is still there. Etienne! Francois! Lift him gently--GENTLY, I said--into the longboat."
Placing Andre on the floor of the boat, she covered him up with a blanket. She brought it along just in case...she couldn't even put into words the real reason she brought it. Tenderly tucking it around him, she held his head in her lap, tenderly brushing his hair away from his face. Andre was pale, more so from the exertion the duel had taken although a kick in the solar plexis was nothing to dismiss.
Garnier dePaul sat on one side of the ship, his eyes stared straight ahead at Le Faucon de Mer. He had been a Captain and had engaged in a battle with the man whose ship he was now petitioning to sail under. How would Andre react when he gained his full senses?
As they neared Le Faucon de Mer, Caesaire said softly, "Easy, men. Please. Andre, can you sit up?"
He nodded.
Etienne and Francois carefully guided him up by the arms and onto the deck. John Hubbard was in conversation with Garnier DePaul.
The crew gathered around Andre and he managed to say, "Thank you all. I'm feeling a bit woozy so Francois will fill you in on what transpired."
To John Hubbard, he said, "You have the ship my friend. I just need some rest."
He said to his crew, "Garnier de Paul is a guest on our ship. He is to be treated with the utmost respect. De Paul? I shall convene with you in the morning. Caesaire? Let's retire."
Jacqui took her aside and whispered, "For the sake of the Lord, my pretty pretty, please let the man rest!"
Caesaire looked up at Jacqui and saw the twinkle in her eyes.
"I shall..and thank you for coming to the aid of Le Faucon. I can't  thank you enough."
She grabbed Jacqui's hand and squeezed it. A look of sadness flitted through her eyes as Jacqui said softly, "I'd do anything for Andre."

Caesaire closed the door behind her. Andre groaned and crawled into bed. Caesaire slipped off her shirt and breeches and pulled a chemise over her head. She took a basin of water and a soft cloth.
Crawling into the bed with him, she took his shirt off.
"Caesaire, mon cher, I need rest..."
She smiled and said, "I know that, mon amour. Let me take care of you."
She took off his boots and his breeches and slid his boots under the bed. Covering him up, she tenderly washed his face.
There was a knock on the door and within a minute she was back with a tray of food.
"Andre, the adrenalin must have depleted you. So here..I had the cook make you up some barley broth and some fresh fruit. And a small carafe of wine..Andre? Andre?"

She put the tray down and sighed. "It looks like you need your sleep more than anything."
She curled up beside him and wrapped her arms around him.
Before she knew it, she was asleep also.
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