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Forced Listening: A fun game for the eclectic music lover!

Started by Sandman, September 09, 2008, 12:42:27 AM

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Here's the deal.
This is a forum game to play that lets you share your favorite music with us, and also expand your music catalog.

This is how it works.
Listen to the song posted before you and respond (let us know why you did or didn't like it).

Pick out a song you want to share and upload it to the web, or find a weblink, youtube, etc... and post it to the thread!

Also add a wesite of the artist(s), along with any other information you might want us to know.
So go plug your favorite artists, friends, or yourself and let other people rip up your music choices, without being judgemental of course.   :P

PS. If you want to respond to a past song and didn't get a chance, it's fine, just make sure you don't post a new song when you post your response.  That way we can let the last person in the thread get a chance to get a response to their post without getting bumped off
"All of you who dare live free, combine with us upon the sea."


Normally this would be where I'd post a response to a previous song, but since there isn't one, I'll go to the part where I share a song.

I Have Seen the Enemy, by David Rovics

David Rovics is a songwriter from Portland, OR.  He is seen, heard, and known world wide, as his music often will be found in places where people are fighting for their lives, whether in Basra or like yesterday, here in St. Paul, MN, where we had a fundraiser for the legal fund of the RNC 8, facing outrageous claims from the state.  Much of David's music is politically charged, but delivered with sincerity and a folk sound like Phil Ochs crossed with Utah Phillips.  He is a dear friend, and one of my favorite songwriters, I'm always glad to share his music with anyone, so I hope you enjoy.

All of David's songs can be found and downloaded for free at All of his music is licensed under the creative commons license, so feel free to burn and share!

He just released a kids' album, and that can be downloaded at his website at

You can also freely download a songbook with the chords notated of all his songs except for his past 2 albums, and the kids' album.
"All of you who dare live free, combine with us upon the sea."

Sir Gawain

this thread is a great idea. I listened to the songs from David Rovic but for me politics and music don't mix well . He sounds like he should be playing conventions or protests. gotta admire the patiotism though I prefer to think of happier thoughts when listening to music.

Sir Gawain


This is a great idea!

I really enjoyed Rodrigo y Gabriela. I've always loved Spanish Guitar and Classical Guitar. Really beautiful.

And for my contribution a little Matt Nathanson...

Car Crash by Matt Nathanson
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