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 congrats on the Sherwood Forest Faire getting it's own forum

 & good luck with your endeavor

When did this show up?

and congrats to willin for being the first to post in here


as i have said to john, i will strive to make sherwood forest faire a great "rennie" recognized faire.  i love the forum and know much of sherwood's future success will be because of the many forum participants and loyal renaissance festival loyalists.

i owe so much to mr. coulam at trf. he is a pioneer and visionary. 

likewise, i want swf-faire to be collage of a thousand individuals' ideas and dreams.


Anna Iram:
*Anna cracks a bottle of champagne over the new forum to give it a successful launch*

Good luck to you Rengypsy. Hope your faire is a fabulous sucess! :)


we are dreamers, are we not?
caught between yesterday and today...
believing in something within and beyond.
enjoying the experience we create.

and castles still stand
creatures of fantasy and fancy
still roam the woods
a sense of community exists

art is all around us
song and dance abound
a sword, a tankard of ale
and the magic of drums calm the soul

we are brothers and sisters, one
different, absurd, strange
funny, crazy, occasionally drunk
always wanting more of life


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