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know of artists?

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know of renaissance artists who would like to set up at sherwood forest faire? 
am thinking of a renaissance art gallery...
any thoughts on this idea?

any thoughts of an art gallery of renaissance artists?

Are you talking about reprints? or originals?

Sounds like a good idea. But that could be costly.

I enjoy history but not much into owning paintings themselves.

As for my point of view, I'm not much into paintings other than getting idea's for garb.

Sounds like fun!  Are there that many "Renaissance" or period artists around?  Would you have to expand it to "fantasy" or more?   

When I used to work at a university, it was always nice to pass through the very frequent "Student" art exhibits.

my thought was a gallery for those who frequent renaissance faires and their respective art--probably a lot less period and a lot more fantasy/preraphaelite style art.

prints, posters, cards and originals for those who desire them.


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