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Faerie Accessoires

Started by Rikki the Trickster, August 10, 2008, 07:00:49 PM

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Rikki the Trickster

I was unsure whether to post my question here or in the garb section, so here goes.

Me and a friend of mine are planning to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival this year as faeries and these outfits will be our first self-made/put together garb and it'll be our second festival. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the sort of accessories or little details that an earth faerie (myself) or a water faerie (my friend) could wear or carry to help enhance our garb. Any advice will be very welcome and if you need any specifics on the outfits to help, I'll try and give them to you in the best of my ability.
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Obviously, lots of blues for the water faerie and greens for the earth faerie.

I don't know if I can post this here since it's a merchant link thing (and if I can't, somebody tell me and I'll remove it) but I just bought some amazing dangly shiny necklaces from {Link moved to "Faerie Links" by Mod~FF} on Etsy that I plan on wearing with my faerie garb.

One of the things i do is have a bunch of pretty silk scarves that I drape through and along my belt. And a strand of bells that I hang from either my belt or my wings so I jingle wherever I go.

Michaels (or other craft stores) is great for those long leafy garlands that you could use to drape yourself in or something. Or just for leaves and flowers to hang from your garb. Same goes for water faerie, I've seen seashells there and netting and that sort of thing that would work for a water faerie.

I might be able to come up with better ideas if I knew what you all were planning on wearing. :)


The ideas that analise mentioned are good, but can you give us more details on what the both of you will be wearing?

I'll also be doing a type of non-winged water fae for next year, more specifically a selkie, and I'm using a lot of blues and greens for some of the color scheme. Maybe carry some sort of animal creatures that go with the respective elements? Like a sea turtle for water and a squirrel for earth. Rock jewelry could also be useful for the earth theme.
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Rikki the Trickster

Since it's been mentioned that a better idea of what we're wearing might help, I took a pic of my outfit in it's most basic form for any others who might like to help. I don't have any pics of my friends progress yet, but I might be able to explain some of it.

The sleeves are separate from the top and are meant to be tied onto my upper arms with leather lacing. I'm little nervous about it since it's a bit...bright. It's not at all finished and I also have some modifications planned for the top.

My friend's sleeves are similar but are more like the sleeves you'd see on a furisode (swinging sleeve) kimono. She has a shortish black skirt with flowers painted and pearls sewn on. Over that she'll be wearing a blue gradient half skirt. Overall, her garb might display a bit of Japanese influence as she's considering wearing a obi as well.

Hopefully this information helps.  :-\
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Awesome job thus far! Others have given you some great advise as well. What I'd also suggest is looking at fairy art work. You can get a Lot of inspiration from looking at a bunch of sites that show paintings and the like. It'll even help give you ideas for make up too. There are a bunch of sites listed in our "links" thread that'll help give you a good start. Amy Brown has an awesome imagination, as do many others.

It all basically comes down to what catches your eye and what you are willing to wear/ put together. Good luck! Let us know how your progress goes.  ;D
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The beginnings of your fairy costume are very pretty, rustic looking. Nice job! I was thinking that it reminded me of a shift between seasons, like from summer to autumn, for some reason. It's cute and very natural in appearance.

As for your friend's costume, the slight Japanese influence sounds like it could work. There's a lot of elemental reference in Asian culture, so I think it'd be just fine. Maybe a silken purse in blue would work as an accessory and to hold her stuff. Like the others have said, it's entirely up to you and your friend on what you prefer. Good luck with both costumes and I'd like to see more photos too. :)
"I am a woman upon the land, I am a seal in the sea..."


Caveat: I don't wear nor make faerie outfits. That said - your outfit says "feathers" to me.  I'd add natural (non-coloured) feathers to your outfit.  Perhaps along the length of your sleeves so they flutter as you move (attach the pointed end to the fabric with the rest of the feather hanging loose).
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I like the colors of your outfit! Even the brightness of it. :)

Another place to look for inspiration would be this thread: where people have been posting pictures of faeries found at faire. :)

You might even think about wearing masks. Lots of maskmakers make "faerie" looking ones in all sorts of colors. I've got one that matches my faerie garb perfectly and it definitely helps me to stand out a bit. :)


Lots of good ideas have already been given, my suggestion is to be sure to add to your hair.  Some leaves or flowers for you and maybe some shells, seaweed, or sea creatures for your friend.  And the right jewelry can go a long way.

Great outfit!  Hope to see at TRF!
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Rikki the Trickster

Thanks everyone for the ideas suggested so far.  :) The feathers are good idea since I already have a few feathers worked in and was thinking about adding more. As for wearing a mask, I would love to but my glasses tend to make masks mostly undo-able for me, but my friend might be able to wear one. Mostly, thank you for all the leaf and seashell suggestions, especially for our hair, we haven't had any plans for our hair yet so we needed this.

I'll be sure to check through all the links for anything else that can help me. Also, thanks for all the nice things said about my costume, I'm really very nervous about it.
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So how did your costumes work out? Are there pictures? :)

Rikki the Trickster

We're still working on my friend's costume, so there are no more pictures as of yet, I'll try and post some as soon as we have 'em.
~We foot it all the night, weaving olden dances, mingling hands and mingling glances, till the moon has taken flight~


I'm not sure if this thread was meant for garb critiquing or actual accessories you bring or wear extra as a fairy.... so i'm going to comment on the accessories aspect.

For my garb, I wear a fan (usually one that folds up or is very very small), I have 2 pouches, 1 for glitter and childrens trinkets and the other for my stuff like money.  I also have a theme of bubbles, so I have a homemade bubble container and a beautiful bubble wand.  I sometimes bring my other wand if I have room on my belt.  My twin sister has a marshmallow bag, a glitter and trinket bag, and a regular bag.  She also has a crossbow that shoots marshmallows.  We also have wooden mugs and other such "normal" things.

I've seen another fairy with a piece of wood with a mirror on the other side.  Some fairies have little handmade games to play with children, like a checker board on fabric or a jump rope of string or a wooden bowl that we throw gems or stones into while sitting in a circle. 

Basically think UNIQUE and think homemade!  for water fairies, I'd say have some seaweed or salt water in a jar on your belt or even bubbles.  for an earth fairy, i'd have a few objects made from wood on you, like a mug or the mirror idea or a necklace or something.  Maybe even a few feathers like mentioned since there are lots of birds in the woods.
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