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NCRF 2009 Dates

Started by Lairde Guardn, September 14, 2008, 12:45:31 AM

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Lairde Guardn

DATES: March 28 & 29, April 4 & 5 2009

Lairde Guard'n
Lairde Highe Chieftain Emeritus
Irish Penny Brigade
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Landshark, Bard, DG, RFC
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Count me out this year ... but not down! I shall see you all in alternate locations!
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Peddlin M'Crack
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it's gonna suck without you (and whoever else doesn't come)
if anyone comes we can still raise hell at daddy's birthday party
hope that yummy mead of yours is coming along nicely
it was spectacular!
Chieftess Nailin'
Irish Penny Brigade
Daddy's Princess
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We are probably out in '09 as well. We are hoping to make the M'Crack Rendezvous' so I don't think we can swing NCRF.   :(


Well I'll certainly be there, damn it. Not sure which weekend, though.


Alas, I'll likely still be in Afghanistan then.  Unless I find an express magic carpet out there, it's unlikely I'll make it this time round.
"Barbarisms are but civilizations that are not one's own." -John Norman

Ice Mage

We hope to be there!  Especially since we missed out on all faires this year!
You don't have to be a great man.  Just be a man, and let history make it's judgements.