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I'd Rather Be There

Started by Drake Starsong, May 28, 2008, 09:33:25 AM

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Drake Starsong

Every day is such a chore,
Sometimes reality can be a bore,
How I wish I wasn't here,
Always hiding from what I fear,
There is a world that exists,
Faeries, elves, and dragons it consists,

I'd rather be there,
I'd rather be there,

Flying with dragons way up in the sky,
Living with the elves and drinking mead as we lie,
Riding a mighty steed with a bow in hand,
Becoming a king and surveying all my land,

I'd rather be there,
I'd rather be there,

Travelling this world with the best of friends,
Hearing a Bard sing of our might that never bends,
Being the hero who's said to be so bold,
Growing elder and becoming part of the greatest tale ever told,

I'd rather be there,
I'd rather be there.


This is a poem for myself and for anyone else who wishes this type of world was real, to all who wish to escape reality and live as an elf, ride on dragons backs, or wield great magical powers. Believe me...I'd rather be there...
Yo ho Yo ho!


I think you speak for so many of us, my friend.  Whether it is a land of dragons and elves or a world of pirate ships and privateers, there are many of us who would rather live in that world without the nightly news, political campaigns, and credit card debt.  Keep writing; it feeds your dreams and can help keep reality at bay.

"It's not the gold that sets our sails, 'tis freedom and the promise of a better life that raises our black flags."


Clereon.....I would like to say that I think I might be in love with you after reading this literally moved my heart...thank you for posting it..
PR ~Faire Daughter~

Drake Starsong

I'm glad that I could move your heart Dracconia :)
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Have you ever thought about putting these words to music and making a song out of it?
"It's not the gold that sets our sails, 'tis freedom and the promise of a better life that raises our black flags."

Drake Starsong

I'm not very musically inclined - maybe I will put this to song in the shower  ;)
Yo ho Yo ho!

Joyce "Delfinia DuSwallow" Howard

Clereon, this is so beautiful. Sing it as loud as you can ! Great Job. :)
MDRF Dandy  "Delfinia DuSwallow"
Sun'n Penny - Clan O'Morda
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Poco the Pirate

This is an amazing poem.  I read it every day in class and it helps a ton.  Thank you so much.  your amazing.
You never know when a leperon might attack

Rani Zemirah

I agree with Blackbead, this belongs in song! Perhaps you could enlist the help of one of the entertainers at your home Faire?

Thanks for sharing!
Rani - Fire Goddess

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