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Welcome to the Show Off Your RF Pin Thread

This thread is for everyone to post their customized RF Pins. It doesn't matter what you've done with it, just that you've made it your own. As usual, just a few rules to help keep everything straight.

Rules for Posting

1. This thread is for customized RF Pins and related chat ONLY. Please do not post random comments about the sky, grass, or kittens ;).

2. Please be respectful of those that take the time to post their work. 

3. Have Fun!

Crafting Forum Moderator

Okay, here's mine - finally got some pictures taken!

I kept it simple, just painting it to match the "official" color scheme, and attaching ribbons of the same colors - black, white, and yellow.
The other bits each have their own meaning, mostly self-explanatory, and I imagine will change a little from season to season.

One of my favorite customs...

Joyce "Delfinia DuSwallow" Howard:

Wow, that's some serious ren-bling right there!


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