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Welcome to the Renaissance / Medieval Home Decorating Thread

This thread is for everyone to post their ideas on Renaissance and Medieval home decorating. It doesn't matter what you've done with it, just that you've made it your own. As usual, just a few rules to help keep everything straight.

Rules for Posting

1. This thread is for decorating chat ONLY. Please do not post random comments about the sky, grass, or kittens ;).  Unless they count as decorations.

2. Please be respectful of those that take the time to post their work and suggestions. 

3. Have Fun!

Crafting Forum Moderator

Um...I'm guessing that this thread is a victim of copy/paste is hopefully actually about discussing ren/medieval home decorating.  I thought I'd put up a list of useful links:

Dark Needles  More Gothy, but very over the top.
Castle MagicYes, you can actually hire them, but I've always thought of it as more of an idea site.
Modern Medieval Home Companion
Cool Castle build by SCA people!
The Shire  LotR inspired community.
Serena's Ideas  My own yahoo group that has huge photo collection and link selection.  You have to join to view.
BBC Guide to Gothic Style
Medieval Home Decor Guide
Council of Elrond  Click on Last Homely House for LotR inspired decorating ideas.
Fantasy Mansions
Middle Earth Decorating Group
Armor of God Decorating Guide
Theme Bedrooms for Kids

20th Century Lighting
Manhattan Interior Designs
Middle Earth Furniture
American Iron Bed Company  Gothic inspired beds
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Orignal Forgery Ironworks
Renaissance Style Tiles
Rob Mills Architectual Antiques
Wall Murals


  Update the first post to remove references to RF pins...  ;) Yes it's meant for home decorating... foiled by the copy and past again.


Sweet T:
Greetings all!

My family and I live in military housing which has severe decorating restrictions. We have however, managed a medieval "feel". I've been fortunate enough to have inherited some large tapestries which decorate the public rooms instead of photos or paintings. All our furniture is dark wood and we prominently display our medieval steins, daggers etc... A few rabbit skins draped over the top of a side board do alot to enhance a rustic feel as well.

Almost every fabric store will have a sale sooner or later on their upholstery fabric. Snag the whole roll of material if possible. We've made a duvet cover for the bed and had extra. It wasn't enough to make curtains out of so I tacked it to the wall behind the head board. I didn't hem it or anything. I got a couple of drapes in a matching color from the dollar store to place on either side of the fabric and after thumbtacking them to the ceiling they drape grandly over the headboard.

For those looking for a nice bedframe, we got our sleigh bed from Big Lots for around $300. It's not a bad price when comparing the same bed from larger retailers, and it looks both elegant and old world.

Even if you can't afford to completely deck out your place like a castle, there's still lots of cheap things you can do. Grab the dungeon decorations during the after Halloween sales. A bit of spray paint can make almost anything into "Cast Iron". Also consider the new battery operated flickering candles for mood lighting. IMHO dark wood and rich fabric are the best items to give a medieval flair to home decorating. It's easy to paint a cheap table dark brown, and easy to drape a swatch of fabric over a sofa.

Sweet T

Baroness Doune:
Some pics I have stashed on my website.

This first picture is from the book Villa Decor by Betty Lou Phillips
The next two pictures are showrooms designed by Barbara D'Arcy for Bloomingdales.  The wall and ceiling treatment of the first picture is inspired by that in Palazzo Davanzati in Florence.  The wall treatment of the second picture is designed to look like painted, tooled leather.

The ones below are all the same house.  My favorite architect, Jack Arnold, designed the house, and the interior design is done by my favorite interior designer, Charles Faudree.  At the time, this was Charles Faudree's own home.

A modern castle inspired by Bodiam Castle.


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