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ren faire/renaissance music ringtones

Started by girlmacbeth, September 22, 2008, 01:45:34 PM

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Do any of you every use ren faire related ringtones or classical music one if so what are some great sites for free or low cost ringtones.

Quiet One

I have Empty Hats' Merrily Kiss the Quaker as my ringtone.  I just used the record feature on my phone, recorded a one minute clip and set as the ringtone.  

Every once in a while I get a funny look when my phone rings, but I know that's it's my phone ringing and no one else's.
Whisper'n M'Crack

Tim T

aka Dark'n M'Crack of Clan M'Crack/Clan White


I second The Pirates Life for Me as my ring tone.  It gets a grin and a laugh from anybody who hears it ring.

I got it here
Lord Lisle (when a Nobel)
Horndog (when a Pirate)
Master Thomas Boddinham (when a middle)
Landshark No. 67