Author Topic: Welcome to Our Home Away From Home!  (Read 9838 times)

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Welcome to Our Home Away From Home!
« on: May 12, 2008, 09:23:27 AM »
Welcome to the R/ Forum Crafting Corner Home Away From Home!

  As all of you know, our previous home has temporarily fallen to the hacker barbarian hordes.  However, as our magistrates (Admins) are working hard to rebuild our village, we are lucky enough to have a wonderful retreat to continue on our mission.

  That doesn't mean we can't try to have some semblance of the grandeur that was our previous home.  With that in mind, you will see that I have tried to recreate many of the most popular threads from the previous board.  In some, I've managed to save some posts thanks to Google caching.  In others, we will have to start anew.  As information from the old database becomes available, I will work to add those as well.

  In the mean time, I invite all of you to enjoy the new forum, and this section.  With all the wonderful crafty people here, we'll have a new home built in no time!

     Welcome Friends!

      - Mag
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