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A time for courage

Started by DonaCatalina, September 29, 2008, 09:24:14 AM

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  Violet had forgotten that the Earl of Northumberland had planned a dinner party for that evening until the guests had begun to arrive. Her betrothed arrived late in the afternoon. The story of their abduction and escape had eclipsed their engagement as the point of interest for the society gossips. After several retellings, Violet tried to stay close to Robert so that he could be the one to field the million and one questions. In the midst of the dancing, Master John interrupted her with a message "His Grace would speak privily to you and Lord Robert". Though this was unexpected, they followed the steward to the Earl's office. Once inside, Master John shut the door and left the two of them alone with the Earl. "I think you will be pleased to learn that the Lord Mayor's officers have apprehended Hereward Lisle and his mother. Your stepmother however was not with them" he announced abruptly "Lord Carrick insists that she vanished along with money and jewelry some weeks back". He pointed to a couple of low chairs in the room. Violet followed the unspoken command and sat down gingerly, wary of what might be next. Northumberland looked directly at her and continued "Since the day that we arrived in London, your father had daily sent messages asking to speak to you. I have not passed along his request since so many other arrangements need to be finalized. You should know that he had publicly repudiated his wife when her plots became common knowledge. If you wish to see your father, I will have the message sent. But of course, if you decide to see him or not is entirely your decision now". He turned to Robert and without a pause said to him "I congratulate you, my Lord, on having such a bride. Not many women of my acquaintance, when it came time for the courage to act, would have found it within themselves to do so".
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