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First Days In Connecticut

Started by The Scotsquatch, October 02, 2008, 08:54:41 AM

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The Scotsquatch

We set up for Connecticut, and it rained Saturday and Sunday...but we had a blast, and met some great people!

Monday was School Day, and that saved the weekend for us, since kids and teachers love our little catapults!

My apprentice and his girl are finishing up CT for us, while we are now down in North Carolina setting up for that show.

Siege The Day!!!

Kev and Patti
Siege The Day!!!
Obside Diem!!!


Hello Scotsquatch,
So you're the trebuchet guy - the one with the different scale models of catapults in front of the booth?  Koooool!

But, it wasn't rainy on Sunday - It just sprinkled a little.  Kind of overcast most of the time, which was just fine with me
since I didn't get toasted bz the sun while on car parking duty.  This weekend the weather is supposed to be great
New England-style - dry, sunny and cool.  Break out those wool cloaks for the mornings
Merchant of the Hansa, Procurer to the Queen, and complete scoundrel


Hey, Scotsquatch,

I droppedby your booth last Monday (Columbus).  Too bad you weren't there, but that fine lass you left in charge remembered that you said something about somebody stopping by.  She was quite friendly, and I have to give her kudos for her memory. 

Sorry I didn't buy a hand catapult - see last year I got my daughter one of those mini crossbows, and there were mini-marshmellows all over the house, bouncing off the dogs, her brother, her godmother, etc.  before my wife confiscated it, and told me flat out 'If you buy something else that shoots, I'm going to stick it'..... well you can guess.  So, no marshmellow catapults (and I thought it was mostly boys that were pests with these kind of things...?)
Merchant of the Hansa, Procurer to the Queen, and complete scoundrel