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Can anyone tell me the name of the Spanish Knight

Started by sarita420, May 12, 2008, 12:19:20 PM

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at this year's Scarbororough Faire?  He's one of the Jousters!


Sir Michael

The Knights at scarby this year are from Noble Cause Productions. What colors was he riding in?


Are you the Sir Michael who performed with Noble Cause at Scarborough last year?  Last year was my first year to attend the Joust and I just love it.

I was told in a message in a different section of the Forum that the Knight's name is Don Mitri.  He wears gold fleurs de lis and lions (?) rampant on fields of blue and red.

Thanks for your help!



A Spanish knight with fleur de lys And rampant lions??  Interresting.  Just make sure his King doesn't notice.  :D


His real name is Chris Mitri. He used to be The Hanlon-Lees.


Yes, I thought the costume choice was a little odd ;-)  Might need to research which country was allied with the other in 1533!

It's nice to know his first name, too.  I've heard of the Hanlon-Lees, will have to check for a website and see what they're about.  I imagine a company like Noble Cause.

Can you tell I'm still new to the joust?  *g*



The lions are "gules three lions passant guardant or"
The "rampant lion" is seen on the flag o' Scotland.
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about the lions!  I knew they weren't exactly "rampant," but couldn't quite describe what they truly were! 

BTW, I might have some still pics of you "offiing" Sir Roderick--that was brilliant stuff--I loved it  :))  I do have a short video clip that turned out pretty well.  Let me see if I can figure out how to clean it up and put it on a DVD for you.  Are you going to be at the Scottish Festival next week?



Hanlon-Lees website is They have a lot of info on their website are one of the best groups out there.


I checked them out--maybe I'll get to see them perform someday!