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News from Meow Manor

Started by Queen Bonnie, May 12, 2008, 05:01:39 PM

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Queen Bonnie

 I am back from another fantastic weekend at Scarby!
I went with my dear friend Lady Brandess.  We had fun shopping- Moresca of course for a new bodice for her- and listening to music- the Rogues, Cantiga, Jim Hancock, The Shantyman and  more! The weather spell Sat went a bit awry. Too much hair of cat. It was HOT and Humid.
Sunday I got it right- a bit more tail of newt- and it was sunny, cool and a nice breeze! A perfect faire day!
We had a ball and were sad to leave faire at 4PM.  My Evil twin will be at faire next weekend! Yo Ho. Watch your valuables!
Busy today doing after faire things at Meow Manor. The Royal Felines missed me.  Tachi would not take his pills or the cat sitter and does not eat well when I am gone.
I have a lot of catching up to do here on the forum!
Twas a nice surprise to find my realm had returned! Huzzah to  DB and John!
Wingardium Leviosa!
Tis not the length of the staff- but the magick there in!

Amras Elfwine

Welcome back to the throme, was so good to get to spend a little time with you in wonderfull Waxahachie!

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It was so lovely to have you with us at faire this weekend and even more lovely to spend some time with you.
Amras beat me to the punch, as I've got photos to share too!

Quite looking forward to meeting your Evil Twin Sister. Until I see you again, take care!
Still Meggers, just a little more grown up now. :)

Queen Bonnie

 OOOH! Great photo Amras! I only wish we had more time together at faire! It goes by way too fast!
Loved your Photos, Eloquent!  I lug my magick box around and never take any.
Tachi likes his picture too!
My Evil Pirate twin can't wait to toast your day of birth. She tells me she is starting early. LOL!
Wingardium Leviosa!
Tis not the length of the staff- but the magick there in!


Dearest Queen Bonnie,
    I do not know where else to post this info, so I shall post it here. After working for years towards this goal, I learned this afternoon that I have been accepted into nursing school. At 51 to make such a committment is frightening but I guess sooner or later we all must decide what to do when we grow up!
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Queen Bonnie

 Hugs and Huzzah to you Countess! I am so happy for you!   You are brave to take on Nursing school- but I am sure you will do well! Thank you for sharing your news!
Early this morn I was awakened by violent thunderstorms!
I was concerned and the Royal Felines were scared. Especially old Chingy. She hates storms! All seems well here with only a few limbs down.
The fish in the pond and the moat monster Squelch, are very pleased with all the rain. The Royal Veggie garden is perking up too.  Now if I can only keep my Evil Pirate Sister's crew from eating all the fresh veggies! Pirates! Glad the Scurvy Cat will not be in Port too long. The rum is almost gone. Where did I put the spell book for the never ending cask of rum potion?
Wingardium Leviosa!
Tis not the length of the staff- but the magick there in!

Queen Bonnie

 Scary storms here last PM. The Royal felines and I huddled in my big bed. None of us like thunder or lightening- unless it comes from my staff!  My crystals and weather spells kept the worst of the storms away from Meow Manor. Whew! Only a few tree limbs down this AM.
The fish are happy because the pond is full with all the rain. All is lush and green.
I was up early and posted  here-then got busy with chores.  When I checked in a bit ago- my morning posts had vanished?  POOF! All Gone! Is it a hex- or a spell or just another attack of Nargles? I re-posted Potions101 and Wild About Harry.
If there is Anything I have forgotten- that was in my past realm- that you would like revived- PM me and it shall be done!
One of the Royal felines has a head cold- so she is off to the vet tomorrow. Poor KoKo. She is quite miserable. A snuffy Siamese is a sad sight.  Not great timing. Scarby weekend looms and Meow Manor is full of pirates!  I wish pirates knew how to pull weeds. They are hopeless- messy too. I bet those pirates stole my posts?

Wingardium Leviosa!
Tis not the length of the staff- but the magick there in!

Element of Air

it has been a tough week. i shall see your twin though on this Saturday Morn.
Royal Duchess of Air, Music and Beauty in the court of Queen Bonnie.
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C Dragonworks

OH Finally back on.... I was truly worried the Nargles had gone and gotten all my friends.....  But Bonnie let me know where you all were hiding from them!!!!

I wish I had time and money to drive to Scarby.... but alas I am so busy hauling TBs here there and everywhere I can't find time to have garbed fun. So much to do. I need a get work done twice as fast spell!

That was a crazy storm.... had me hanging from ceiling at about 1:30am.... new puppy, Reggie(Reginald Dawg), was not impressed but my Poodle cross,Caterpillar, was barking at the thunder! Reggie appears to be a blue heeler/lab cross that Cali found on the road... very smart and OHHHHH SO CUTE! HE is now the family spoiled BRAT! He is so well mannered (for a puppy) he does not chase the chickens or the cats. Has not even bugged the ducks.... amazing for a puppy!!!! He is black with white paw tips,a bit of white about the muzzle and a blaze between the eyes, and a bit of white on the chest. CUTE! 

Sorry to hear one of your kitties is ill. I had to treat King for his skin problem that he gets if a single flea or whatever bites him.... Finally have that cleared up again!!!! Well Have fun a Scarby all! Cat

Queen Bonnie

 Glad you made it here, Cat! Huzzah!
Glad the seagulls did not eat the trail of breadcrumbs I left for you to find us here!
Back from the Royal Vet. As I suspected, KoKo has a head cold. She is on antibiotics and was given fluids. She is so tiny- only 5.8 lbs.  She is so well behaved. I think she is feeling better already!
I shall see you on the Morrow, Element of Air- when you pick up my Evil Twin Sister for Pirate weekend! Yo Ho! I will be glad to see her gone for a few days!
She and her crew are causing a commotion here at Meow Manor! Usually things are quite tranquil here!
Wingardium Leviosa!
Tis not the length of the staff- but the magick there in!


Your Majesty, I did so quite miss you this weekend but it was, amazingly, wonderful to meet your evil twin sister. Do not worry yourself, she did not steal anything (that I know of). :) Do apologize to her for not catching her before I left out of early!

Here are some photos of her wreaking hav- I mean, behaving herself! :D

I will quite miss seeing you almost every weekend, but before we know it, TRF will have started again!
Still Meggers, just a little more grown up now. :)

Queen Bonnie

 It does look like my Evil Twin was having too much Booz- er- fun!
Great pictures, Eloquent! Huzzah!  Alas! She did not take any!
We had a good hug when she came back from faire. She brought me the most beautious staff to work on. I have forgiven her for borrowing my jewels and silverware.  She has sailed back to pillage the Carribean. She will be back on TRF pirate weekend- yo Ho! Much thanks to Sir Jarrick Rafe and Element of Air for conveying my Twin in such comfort and style- she enjoyed their company and music and singing! Court positions are to be posted for their service! hUZZAH!
The Royal felines were  sad to see my Evil Twin go. She gives them tuna!  Meow Manor is a bit quieter now! Pirate free too!
Wingardium Leviosa!
Tis not the length of the staff- but the magick there in!


I do ask forgiveness for taking so long to post here ... and I do hope this is the proper place to post such tidings ... it was so very lovely to meet you that weekend in April!  I hope to visit again.  Mayhaps you may one day travel to my shire.  Cheers!

~All human activity lies within the artist's scope~

Queen Bonnie

 Great picture, Blushing! It was lovely to meet you and fun to dance! I hope we will meet again!
I will be away from the forum for a few days. Worry not. I have Wizard business to attend to over the long weekend!
Do watch Meow Manor until I return! Keep it Peep free!
Huzzah FOKTOP!
Wingardium Leviosa!
Tis not the length of the staff- but the magick there in!

Lady Ann of Draycott

Don't worry Queen Bonnie, we will take care of everything while you are away!  ;)
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