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Virginia Renaissance Faire

Started by Dirtfarmer, May 07, 2008, 04:23:32 PM

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About how big is the site? Are there any permanent buildings onsite? Just curious to know what to expect when going down this year. It'll be my first time. :)


The "inside of the wall" portion of the site is about 6ish to 7 acres.  Approximately 1/3 wooded 2/3 field or woodline area.  There are a few permanent buildings, but it is mostly a tent faire.  The stage acts vary from weekend to weekend so you can get a different show every week.  There is a heavy street actor presence.  There has become a pretty good "pub" atmosphere since there is almost always some entertainment going on in there.  There are 3 main stages that have pretty much continuous entertainment and a 4th smaller stage that will also be pretty much 100% booked.  If you like to interact with the cast, this is where you can do it and not get shot down and if you don't, well there is plenty of other entertainment to sit quietly and watch or shops to look through.


ON top of playing interactively, there are plenty of hands on things you can do without feeling you have to pretend to be English, both for adults and children alike. 

We don't have a playground, but we do have a child's area (Poppets Glade) where children can learn and play hands on various things like leather work, weaving, spinning, paper making, dress up, fashion show, toy box, bubbles, small maze, puppet shows, story telling, and some other things I can't think of right now.  Even the big kids (adults) can enjoy these activities.  This is down in the Glade (think shade), a great place to stop and enjoy a rest out of the sun.

We also have a wonderful Archery setup, learning about archery through the ages, the equipment and even some hands on (for a small fee) time.  I'm not sure what sort of game venders we'll have, but last year we had some game venders and other hands on activities. 

There's always a place for someone to dance at the Maypole, or be introduced to Her Grace, coursing of the the hounds, and watch Jousting training. The militia also put on a mask sometime during the day. There is also the Court of Common Pleas and Court of Love as well as...well there is just too much.  Grab a pamphlet on the way in and read it, get an idea of what you reaaaaaaally want to see and just have fun. 

We're a soft faire, trying to grow hard,  small, intimate, family friendly faire. 


Lady Aldyth


You WILL be dressed next year... if I myself have to give you my Apothecary garb (what I wore last year). If I can figure out where that damnable bodice went... you really should try it on, I think it would fit you decently.

I will see if I can't find and wash everything and bring it with me!


I'll bet $1 on that.... 4:1 she won't!

Lady Aldyth

WHO won't?

I won't bring her garb? (probably not THIS weekend as I am frantically finishing this years and will need to drive from my sales meeting in NC to VARF Saturday evening)

She will not fit in garb? (tread softly my friend!)

She will not wear garb? (I will take that bet!)


The bet being, she will not wear garb for more than 2 occasions (or over 8 hours total) for the entire run... Reese that is.


Quote from: reese on May 14, 2008, 07:07:46 AM
Quote from: Lady_Glorianna on May 11, 2008, 02:19:09 PM
Dressing up is not reserved at ANY faire but in terms of VARF I would especially encourage you to do so. It signals that you are willing to play along. Besides, in my experience, when you dress up you have an infinitely better time ;)

Oh I beg to differ, only because I don't dress up, and I swear I have more fun than anyone  ;D 

By all means. In my experience, I have done it both ways, danes and dressing up. I had a blast both ways but the experinces were totally different. I personally much prefer to dress but that is just me ;)
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WOW, I had a huge reply this morning, and now it's gone...oh well, must not have been important enough.

Well, good luck Lady A.  I think DF has his money in the right pot.  Ya'll know me well enough to know...really, now think about it  ;) ;)  Me in garb?  Only if in dire straights will that happen again. 

Lady G.  I know, I know, most people seem to have more fun when dressed up, I'm just not one of them.  I live vicariously through my children, they make it a blast. 

I got my Little Lady Rachael's fan done, Sir Richards sword painted, hat feathers done, bling bought or made, now just need the clothing, which ought to be here tomorrow.  We're hydrating, and I put on Hither Dither and Yon to get me in the mood :D 



Hm, I see my other post was mysteriously deleted....  Could someone explain how the themes are tied into the experience? more particularly, "romance?"


Yea, they were having issues with an update and it deleted some of the posts/threads.

will paisley

Quote from: Secira on May 22, 2008, 04:24:14 PM
Hm, I see my other post was mysteriously deleted....  Could someone explain how the themes are tied into the experience? more particularly, "romance?"

For romance weekend, each patron who wants one is given a favour (small pin) at the gate.   The gentlemen of the shire shall attempt to woo the ladies' pins from them, as the ladies will attempt to woo the men's.  Don't worry if you don't know how to woo, as there will be demonstrations onstage.   Feel free to withhold your favour until you've been sufficiently wooed.  Also, if your significant other fails to give up his pin, you are free to bring him or her up on charges at the Court of Courtly Love.
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