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ROLL CALL - May 17 + 18

Started by Dirtfarmer, May 12, 2008, 07:50:19 PM

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Is there anyone on the list that will be around?


Sir Dragon and I plan to be there on the 17th ;)
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I'll be there (as cast) on Saturday. No joy on Sunday, alas.
Where was I going and how do I get there?

Tim T

Hopefully, Lady Jai and Myself, along with the kids should be there on Sunday.  Gotta see the Pyrates Royale!

I'd like to sneak up there with my daughter on Saturday, but I think I'd be in the dog house for quite a while...
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Of course I'll be there, if the stars above allow.

TimT.  Does your dd have a hat this year?  I'll be looking for all of you Sunday, looking forward to seeing you and the crew again. 



Prax and I are going to try and make it down on Sunday the 18th.
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I will be there Saturday. May try to recruit some Pyrates for Her Majestys Navy! I am sure THAT will go over like a frog in a chamber pot!

Frank Blanton
  Francis Poldark of Dungcaster, ok I know tis cheesy. ;D
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I beg pardon. I do believe I miss understood you. You did say privateers now did you not?  *snicker snort*

I dear say, I must keep my wee ones close to me this weekend!


Tim T


No hat for the princess, although she does have a crown, which she may wear.  She is a 6 year old princess, so she tends to do as she wishes! ;D
aka Dark'n M'Crack of Clan M'Crack/Clan White


OH boy, do I ever know that one.  It doesn't get better; my 9 year old girl is still such a princess.  When I told my mom-in-law last year about what we're doing. She asked if Rach was going to be in purple (her favorite color).  I said no that it was pretty much reserved for royalty.  Mom said, " Well don't they know she's a princess in her own mind?!" 

Well no matter.  You did say ya'll be there this Sunday right?  Or will you all be there Sat. (tomorrow, YIKES)? 

Please remind me of your children's names, I am horrid with names and can not remember them.  I wonder if your daughter will remember me from last year.

Anyway, see you soon!



I'll be at the Virginia Renaissance Festival - Saturday - first time at Faire solo / without Diana (TomLori) in 10 1/2 years. 

I'll only be there select Saturdays as I am still recouping from major surgeries. 

Hope everyone will be sure to stop by and say 'ello. 

if music be the food of love, play on!

Tim T


Yep, we'll be there tomorrow, although not all in garb.  Lady Jai is out camping with our son Braeden(cub scouts), and Sydney has been hanging out with me today.  We're going to meet in the middle and carpool the rest of the way into VARF.

I'm pretty sure Sydney will remember you, she was blessed with her mother's memory, not mine.

See ya tomorrow!
aka Dark'n M'Crack of Clan M'Crack/Clan White


I'll be there, sans garb on Sunday.  Got a work assignment that's flipping me around so this'll be my only shot at Faire this year.