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Pumpkin Ale

Started by winterland, October 24, 2008, 08:45:38 PM

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I found Blue Moon Harvest Moon pumpkin ale at Costco Maple Grove, never had it before but discovered it is great.
I went back to get a case today as I drank the other case and it was marked way down. 14.99 a case. That is a deal. They had 30 or so left.

I am not a huge fan of regular Blue Moon beer but I do like this. I have tried many pumpkin ales and this is my fav so far. Just a nice hint of pumpkin and a touch of spice. Very smooth not bitter. Medium dark. Almost like Newcastle.

There are many good pumpkin ales but some have too much spice and taste too much like artificial pumpkin pie.


Phelyp, Lord Maydestone

I found a beer from Quebec, this autumn, called Ephemere.  It was an apple beer of all things!   I just love finding the new and different brews.
It's always time for Chardonnay!

Lord Figaro

That sounds like a beer I might even enjoy.
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Picked up a couple six packs of the Harvest Moon.  Very tasty!

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yeah, I had some of that as part of a flight at Old Chicago . . . very tasty.