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Fencing Manuals online

Started by groomporter, November 02, 2008, 07:51:24 AM

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The blog BibliOdyssey had an interesting entry showing illustrations from a couple period fencing manuals with the links to where they are a available online As well as links back to similar, previous entries.

I could almost see printing out the illustrations and binding them into a book as a prop -maybe as a something a bumbling, comic "sword master" is always referring back to during a lesson or in the middle of a duel? (Something I could see someone like Danny Kaye doing a bit like that in a movie like The Court Jester)
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Temper; what makes a good sword, be sure to keep it.


These are all inllustrations from Jochim Meyer, a later 16th century master of fence. He was one of the late and last folks teaching parts of the Leichntenhauer tradition. The panels show, halberds, quarter staves, dussaks, rapier and rapier and main gauche among other things.


And there will be an online (untranslated) manual available later this year. Currently the English translation is available here:
Temper; what makes a good sword, be sure to keep it.


I met the Jeff, the author/translator a few years ago at a WMA conference I believe. A really nice knowlegable guy.