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I just got this notice from Alan Irvine.  I've been to other StorySwap events and they are wonderful!   

Dear Friends,

Saturday, November 22 it is the annual evening of Stories known as Tellabration!  Tellabration happens all around the country, and even at different sites around the world.  It is an evening of storytelling, usually aimed at older audiences (instead of for kids.)

If you are not in the Pittsburgh area, check for information about a Tellabration near you - your local storytelling group may well be putting one on.  ( is a good place to look for information.) 

In Pittsburgh, this year’s show by StorySwap - and produced by me - will feature Alan Irvine, Lisa Hollingsworth-Segedy, Scott Pavelle, kate Pavell, Sean Miller, Sydelle Pearl, Mary Morgan Smith and some of our local youth storytellers with stories around the theme of: 3 Rivers – 1,000 Bridges – 10,000 Stairs – 1 Night of Stories. 

The show starts at 8 PM and will be held at Church of the Ascension, in the downstairs theater space.  Tickets are $14 at the door, $10 in advance (from members of the cast or call 412-871-3478) with a $2 discount for students, seniors, and StorySwap members. Hope to see you there,

Storyteller Alan Irvine
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