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ALof RF.... hehehehe

Started by FaireMare, May 13, 2008, 03:45:58 AM

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Arizona Ladies of Renaissance Festival Dot Com

Next monthly gathering....

1st Saturday of the month.   North/West Siders are in charge.
I nominate Mad Molly, BHPearl, and Apolonia.


This one I can't make, it's my birthday weekend and I'll be at Disney
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I'm actually in Mesa Fairemare. But I can do some reconnaissance for you.

Might I sugggest the Dubliner on 40th St and T-bird. Or O'Connor's at the 17 and Dunlap. Bioth have great music on weekends. And Guinness.
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Black Hearted Pearl

Sorry Luv, I've got a show on June 6th at Big Bear Pirate Faire.
~Black Hearted Pearl
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Aww, Fairietink, have a great time. And Happy birthday, of course!
No power in the 'Verse can stop me....


I know its tempe.. but there is a new Irish Pub Opening up at Tempe Market Place....

Ladies... where are the other places around town?



~sigh~ I'm not procrastinating. Really - I'm not! On my way home tonight I was reminding myself to call Floofie to discuss possible gathering places on this edge of the world. June 7th is the first Saturday of the month, and I'm thinking of Rosie McCaffrey's on 9th St and E Camelback as one possibility. And I heard there's another new Irish pub near MetroCenter.

I'm afraid to admit that I don't know much about the pubs, etc., on this side ('cause you all might make fun of me!), but I can recommend a great sushi restaurant!  ;)

Let me catch up with Floofie and we'll post something by this weekend.


I talked to both Floofie and Mare tonight. Floofie will be out of town on June 7th, so I suggested that we meet on the East side again in June. Mare said she'd look into the "new place" in the Tempe Marketplace and post the details.

We can have the West side gathering in July, but I'm thinking it should be the second Saturday. (the first Sat is the 5th and folks might have other plans for the holiday weekend) Floofie recommended we meet at the George and Dragon on Central Ave. Please mark July 12th on your calendars; I will post a reminder with details when we get closer to that date.

(Hey, Mare! Check your messages and e-mail me!)