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Started by Goody, May 12, 2008, 11:12:50 AM

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I know there were topics earlier for Bristol invasions but I wanted to repost mine. Wildthingjew has gotten me a deal for tickets and camping so I've decided to keep my plans for the trip in July. I would really love to have company as fest is more fun with friends and it makes it more afffordable! We will leave Friday July 11. Go to fest on 12 &13. Drive home on Mon 14. I figure the cost to be $90 per person (plus food, that includes gas, 2 tics and 3 night camping) if there are four people in the minivan. Let me (we don't have renmail here right?) if you may be interested and I will send you my email!


As far as I know at this time Goody you can count me in... I will let you know for sure soon...
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At the moment I don't think LD & I will be able to make Bristol.


I am planning on going later in July. Only time that works for me. Sorry!
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Yeah, if we even get the chance to go, it will be later in July, or early August.

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Hello from a Bristol-ite

As soon as you know the dates you'll attend Bristol, please post it in the Bristol thread.  We love to see our out-of-town friends, and we've had great Meet & Greets in the past with our visitors from other realms.

Hope to see you there!
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