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Queen Bonnie:
 A place to post pictures of your hand crafted wands and staffs and any other wizardly creations!  We can inspire each other with our creativity!

Queen Bonnie:

Vintage 1920's doll I repaired and dressed in my garb remnants.  When I got her she had no nose or clothes! I made all except the chalice. Fun project. Now I have a mini me!

Var Greyshadow:
She looks just like you!  Post a picture of your evil twin's doll likeness too.  You wouldn't want her to get jealous!

Queen Bonnie:

Good idea, Var!
My evil Twin would get even and rennvious if I did not post here here!

Queen Bonnie:

 My latest wire wrapped crystals! They are magical!
 Now someone else post some creations, Please?


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