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Vintage Scarborough Faire Photos

Started by Love Good Wood, January 14, 2009, 08:48:42 PM

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Love Good Wood

does anyone have or know when I can find Vintage Scarborough Faire Photos?... like opening year (1981) and early to mid 80's... I worked there in 85 & 86 and actually found a photo with me in it... but I cant find the web site again

here's the pic


Love Good Wood

I finally found the site

check out how much "empty space" there was at Scarby in the begining...

in this picture you can see in the upper left side the "Hobbit Holes"... I guess they got rid of those because this is Texas and there are ALOT of SNAKES

if you look at the upper left corner of this pic you'll see the "Drink Cart" I worked at under the tree by the "Whimsey Stage"... ahhh the memories!

a very special thanks to for having these archive photos and bringing back some great memories


Glad you found them.  Moon Dawg is actually a member here.  You could probably ask him if he has any more. 

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Quote from: Doublet on February 11, 2009, 09:07:47 AM
a very special thanks to for having these archive photos and bringing back some great memories
Crikey!  That's Uncle Roy in BOOM-BOOM!
Roy Cox of The Free Lancers
Last I saw of that old worn-out suit of armor, it was in a trunk, in a barn, under the stairs.

edit: That 'old worn-out suit of armor' is not an euphemism for Roy Cox, for whom I have the greatest respect, but for the old worn-out suit of black-painted armor that Roy is wearing in the photo!
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Moon Dawg

There are a lot more old Scarby Photos up now!
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That's just fantastic! Nostalgia is such a great feeling.


Wow! That guy on the pic is you? Great! Thanks for these photos. Like someone else said - Nostalgia is a great feeling, although I feel a bit old now. ;)