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Re: Opening Weekend Invasion
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WOW!  :o That's all I gotta say...what started out as convivial banter across the Drift Inn with two fine gentlemen, Syrac and DuCouer...(okay...two dishy guys in garb  ;)) has grown steadily year by year to an RF-Invasion of epic proportions the likes that has not to be seen in our Shire! I humbly thank all of you for traveling such distances as would put a nomad to shame (especially with gas prices) and I am also humbled by your love of our Faire...for it is all of you that make it all the more special to us! I pray you all have arrived or will arrive home safely soon and I look forward to our next encounter, where ever the Fates may lead us!

((HUGS)) and your servant ever,

Captain Morgan Dunne

It is so hard to believe that it has been over 5 years since Syrac and I have had that conversation with Morgan and Dwynn.  Ever since that time, they are the ones I am searching for upon Arrival.  I credit these two ladies for opening up to me what Faire is.  And that is a network of friends and family that mean the World to me.

It was such a wonderful time this weekend. So many of my family there.  From all over.  I wish we could have had one more day just to spend time with everyone.  If I didn't get to meet you, I am so very sorry but I do hope you found our Faire friendly and warm and will visit us next year.

To many of Travels mon amis....To others, and you know who you are, I will see you all very soon back in the arms of Avaloch....
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