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Making armor-on the cheap!

Started by bradenmac, January 22, 2009, 08:29:23 AM

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Good day Gents! I am seeking any advice, knowledge, wisdom, or just plain ole' bs on constructing armor, a leather/metal blend, as cheap as I can and with me hands and scrambled brains doing the work.

Many thanks...

Chris B

So it sounds like you need to do research on Brigandine or Lamellar armor as they were both a leather/metal mix.  I would recommend going to as many armor websites as humanly possible and research methods of construction, examples, and cultural differences between periods and geography to get the artistic ideas flowing.  Then I would simply shop around for material and start making it.  It is always a good idea to make a cardboard mock-up before making it to work out any sizing issues before cutting leather or metal.  First thing is to narrow the look and culture your working with and then do research.  Once you know how your going to make it, then buy materials and get to work.


I do it proffesionally for a living, i've seen Chris's work, he is what some would call a hobbiest armourer, with the level of attention to detail he's after and has successfully attained as he's progressed, hobbiest is selling him a long bit short. I'd work with him happily. Take his advice as he started off with enthusiasm as his first tool and went from there. He'll steer you straight.

Chris B

Thanks for the compliment.  Especially since I happily display pieces of armor I have purchased from you on several of my sets. 


Thanks for the input good sirs, I do intend to begin the research phase of this endeavor, I will more than likely want to make something that has period influences versus being period accurate. I shall be asking more questions as this process continues..... :)