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In search of some new renfriends in minnesota

Started by Arland, January 25, 2009, 04:48:01 PM

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ello' mi'ladies n gents. How fair ye? I'm from michigan, but am planning to move to Minnesota as soon as I get some stuff paid off and save up enough money. I would like to get to know any and all rennies in the area so that when I do move there, I already have renfriends in the area and a place to hang out with warm inviting people. If you want to learn more about me, myspace is . If you have any questions I'm an open person and will answer anything. Thanks :)

Lord Figaro

Though my wife and I just moved out of Mn to AZ, I'm sure you'll find the MN crew here the most welcoming bunch of people out there. Keep and eye out for the monthly Pub nights, where they gather every now and then. You'd be most welcome to join in when you find yourself in MN. Have fun and enjoy.
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Marietta Graziella

Good morning, Arland,

We hope you enjoy your stay in MN.  While traveling we must request that you keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times.  Please obey the posted "no smoking" signs and safety placards.

While in MN we insist you enjoy yourself, consume much mead, and bust into sponatneous moments of dancing and pretend campfire settings.

Nothing clever to say here.  Not enough caffine yet.


thanks lord figaro, and marietta. I'm kind of new to the ren world as well, ive been to a couple but they were rescent before the cold sat in. fun warm people rennies are. I hope to see you not long thereafter i move to MN.


Welcome! Are you a former MIRF patron, or participant?
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As you may know, our Fest is 2 weekends in August, Sept & 1 weekend in Oct.

Welcome.  Stop by my mead booth when you are in town.  Most of the R/F folks hang out there and have their shops within eyesight.

white trillium

We hope to see you in MN this season!

(In addition to the MNRF on the dates that William mentioned, there is also Twig in June, it is a bit north of the cities...)
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I wasnt a participant in MIRF but I was head of security for MMRF. a new renaissance festival in mid michigan.


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:) thanks. I hope to meet you all on a pub event one day this year hopefully.


Quote from: white trillium on January 26, 2009, 06:15:22 PM
We hope to see you in MN this season!

(In addition to the MNRF on the dates that William mentioned, there is also Twig in June, it is a bit north of the cities...)

A bit north? . . .

Anyhoo, welcome Arland . . .


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A warm welcome to you Arland...both to the forums and when you move to MN.  I have been part of this Ren community for a little over a year now and have never found a more fun and friendly crowd to get to know!  We look forward to meeting you!  If you make a jaunt over here before your move, post something and mayhap we can set up a pub night to get to know ya!


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