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Known or expected changes this year?

Started by maddog00, May 15, 2008, 12:38:07 PM

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I've been told it's back and will be serving food...shan't be able to confirm 'til I see it for myself, but there you are... :-)
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Drake Starsong

*gasp* This year IS going to be a great year!! HUZZAH! *dances around*

I loved the first year when they had musicians and it was adults had a more authentic feeling to a tavern!
Yo ho Yo ho!

Sir Douglas of Waterbury

The Bad Dog will be open to the public as a tavern with food and special entertainment every day, working around weddings and wine tasting events etc.


Many Thanks, Sir Douglas, for taking time from the very busy pre-season to share developments with us...I am very much looking forward to seeing what is new this season, and enjoying all my favorite things ....
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Can I just say for the record that regardless of whatever reputation he has, it's pretty impressive of Sir Douglas to actually pop in on the boards. It's even more impressive that he actually writes replies. Huzzah to that!


 We Pyrates Royale are pleased to be returning this year for Pirate Weekend. Not a major change per se, but we have enjoyed our past visits, and are looking forward to our all too brief return.

Lord Finger

Thanks, skivee, I'm certainly ready to raise my mug in some good pirate revelry. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Huzzah for the Pyrates!  Maybe this year I can arrange to SEE a show!