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Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire

Started by SLRF Ent Director, February 14, 2009, 10:31:14 PM

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SLRF Ent Director

Faire Name:     Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire
State:    Michigan
Faire Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD):    July 11, 2009
Faire End Date (YYYY-MM-DD):   August 9, 2009
Management Business Name:   SLRF Productions, Inc.
Management Fax:   
Management Email:
Event Web Page:
Event City:  Battle Creek
Event Street Address:  1158 E. Michigan Avenue
Event Zip:    49014
Directions to the Event: I-94 to Exit 103.  West on East Michigan Ave approximately five miles.  Must take drive for Calhoun County Medical Facility as Kimball Pines Park (where faire is located) is directly behind the facility.
Event Start Time:  10 am
Event End Time:   6 pm
General Contact Name:   Russ Gruber, GM   
General Contact Number:  269-343-9090
Craft Contact Name:   Beckalyn Hansmann
Craft Contact Number:  269-343-9090
Performer Contact Name:  Ange Easterday
Performer Contact Number:     269-343-9090
Food Contact Name:  Andrew Robbins
Food Contact Number:    269-343-9090
PR Contact Name:   Elisabeth Deneau
PR Contact Number:     269-343-9090
Number of Booths:   110
Number of Stages:  7
Annual Attendance:  25000
Admission Prices: Adult:  12.00  Children  5-12:  8.00    Children 4 and under-Free
           First two weekends are free children's weekends
Year Established:  1990
Description of Your Faire:  Discover a storybook in your own back yeard as Silver Leaf comes alive once again.
Theme: "Believe the Magic, Live the Legend"
Village Name:  Silver Leaf
Village Year:   
Total Days Faire Runs:   10 days (5 weekends)   
Costume Policy:  All private areas must be covered as this is a family friendly faire.
Camping:   Onsite camping for vendors, entertainers and volunteers with prior approval and submitted application.  Offsite camping available close by.  Hotels with discounts close to fairegrounds.
Picnic: Picnic tables available outside front gates.  No food allowed within the faire grounds.
Alcohol Policy:  Sold at two different locations with faire.  No outside alcohol permitted.
Animal Policy:  No animals.  Service animals welcome with proper papers/identifiers.
Hotel City: Hotels available in Battle Creek, Marshall and Kalamazoo.
Hotel State:
Weapon Policy: 
Antique Guns - Not allowed.
Toy/Replica Guns - Not allowed for minors. Must be peace tied.
Pikes and Halberds - Not allowed.
Swords, Knives, Dirks & Daggers - Must be sheathed and peace-tied.
Axes Strongly discouraged. Must be sheathed and peace-tied
Claymores and Maces Strongly discouraged. Must be peace-tied to your person (strapped to your back, tied to your belt, etc.)
Bow & Arrows Bows must be un-strung and arrows tied into the quiver. Arrows are not to be drawn.
Walking sticks / Quarterstaffs Are allowed.

A protective covering, usually of thick leather that protects the edge of the blade, the wearer and anyone near them from damage.  The sheath must cover the entire blade, not just the tip.


The method of securing a weapon to the sheath, belt or body of the wearer.  If the weapon is not peace-tied upon arrival at the festival a front gate worker must peace tie it for you. 

No drawing of any weapon at any time!

If a weapon is drawn, the patron is subject to loss of weapon, possible removal from the Renaissance Faire property and/or prosecution authorities. All patrons must be at least 18 years old to carry a weapon on site.
If a patron wishes to use a weapon for a special event (such as a wedding), this must be cleared in advance through the entertainment office. This policy applies to anyone carrying a weapon in with him or her or purchasing a weapon while at the Festival.

Nearby Cities:    Marshall, Kalamazoo, Galesburg, Grand Rapids, Lansing

Nearby States:    Ohio, Indiana, Illinois

Directions Link:,+Battle+Creek,+MI+49014

Ticket URL:


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