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questions re: posting a story

Started by renfairenewb, February 17, 2009, 02:26:25 PM

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Sorry, I don't know if this is the correct place to ask these questions, but I would like to post a short story I have written and am not sure what the proper etiquette/protocol is to do so.  I notice that many stories are collaborative efforts, but mine is not.  It has a definitive beginning and end.  It's over 1800 words in length.

Here's my list of questions:

1.  Ss there a character limit for posts on this message board (e.g. 1000 characters/posting) or is it unlimited?

2.  If there is a finite number of characters per post, what is it and what is the best way to break the story up?

3.  I would like feedback on the story and is it OK to have readers PM or leave comments regarding the work.  I feel that I cannot grow as a writer without proper feedback.

4.  This is more of an FYI...please point out any grammatical mistakes.  My English professor always said that editors are a dime a dozen, but good writers are rare.

Thanks for everyone's help.


I think the only hard and fast rules are posted in the guidelines.
I post stories that I have written as well as one in which others are also posting.

If you have a story I think you should go ahead and post it.
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