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Mercenary madness
« on: February 20, 2009, 02:33:58 PM »
I'm rushing to perfect my current and main garb, an english mercenary, before faire season kicks off this august. As of now, I have a brown Tudor flat cap, a black leather doublet (fashioned from an old leather jacket) over a white shirt, black leather gauntlets, a very nice sword belt to hang not only my blade but my black leather wallet and aluminum tankard, brown trousers and big black boots.

The only changes i have currently planned for my garb are just improvements. I need better pants than I have currently. The ones I have look decent, but are 100% polyester, and i had to puncture several small holes to avoid the "ren rash." My boots are falling apart and need replaced. My doublet still has this tall collar on it that makes it look like something out of a Judas Priest wardrobe, which i plan to remove soon, and i'd like to convert my gloves to fingerless ones to make it easier to handle things around the faire without constantly having to remove my gloves.

Before I call this good and move on to my next project, I want to make sure i'm not lacking on something that a proper mercenary wouldn't be caught dead without (unless, of course, it was pilfered off his corpse).

Here is a picture, a few years old, sans the flat cap.


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