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POLL: Camping at Twig 2009

Started by DeadBishop, April 26, 2009, 10:49:53 PM

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Where would you prefer to camp?

Spirit Mountain
Ogston's RV Park
Saginaw Campground


I'm in too, just let me know what to bring so I can plan... oh and define "AM"  ;D

Well fest starts at 10A so I'd say I'll have the bakes outta the oven at 9am. If we leave at 9:40 we'd be to fest by 10. If people wanna be there earlier for opening they'll have to eat faster!! I think this should work ok!


Looks like the wife, kid and I will be going Sat. We have the inlaws north of Twig in Chisholm to stay with.
Last year was our first year there. We had a great time. We have invited quite a few people who knew nothing about it. Hope some of them go.
Hope it is a nice weekend.