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So the post above is a useful starting block, but I'd live to hear about your hits and misses in the realm of liqueur making.

For TRF this year, I plan on making (in the next few weeks):

Apple Pie Loki
Nutella Loki
and POSSIBLY small batches of
Hibiscus or Ginger

I dont want your recipes- that's half the fun, figuring it out!

My greatest misses have been
-Lemonade- Tried using real fruit... bad plan.... they never really settled out and never really tasted like it was supposed to. Still have some in a jar, it has become a project to wait it out as long as possible to see what the flavor will become lol
-Came up with a great plan to use sno-cone flavorings. No. Not only was the flavoring to strong (and just bizarre) but they would turn anything spilled on into whatever color the flavor was... permanently.
-Chocolate (my first time) used melted milk chocolate. Bad idea. Choc seperated out as it settled and had just the weirdest texture.
-Assorted Flavors of weirdness. Occasionally I just come up with an idea of "Well hey, I bet this would make a great loki flavor" and then... all I get are strange looks when I ask if people want to try them. Sour Apple was probably the one that got the most odd looks... i thought that was a good idea...

*Rum flavored is still the weirdest thing. As I have said before... why not just drink rum?*

why is Sour Apple wierd? Hello, Sour Apple Pucker anyone?

I would drink it!!!

And the lemonade- how were you doing the organics? Giada de Laurentiis has a Lemoncello recipe that could translate well to Loki...

I never really cared for the recipes that Giada uses, but I will check into that.
Basically what I tried (and failed at) was using the homemade lemonade that I make all the time (and lurves) and combining that with the syrup and everclear.
The main problem is I like my lemonade a little pulpy and that... made nasty loki lol
Not good to have stuff floating around in your booze

The pucker was the reason I thought Sour Apple would be a hit... no one even wanted to try lol

*I wonder what sour apple and rum would be like...*

I think with lemoncello you use the rind instead pf the pulp- that may have been the wierdness...

this site:

has a pretty in-depth how-to.

Sour Apple Rum... hmmm... OOH- if it was SPICED rum!!!


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