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GLMF Memorial Garden
« on: July 09, 2009, 11:49:49 PM »

Over the past years, there have been a number of our Faire Family that have passed on.. (Both human and animal..) New this year is the Memorial Garden, located behind Harmony Stage. Space for the Memorial Garden was given to us by Larry, the GLMF owner, but the garden is being created and cared for by volunteers. This also means everything there has come from the volunteers, and not out of the Faire budget.

It is in the very early stages as of yet.. It is a fully shaded, woodland garden, with the goal of becoming naturalized over time. As such, the plants will be mostly (if not all) perennials, and this being year 1, well, they're just taking root. (Especially as planting was done within the past month!)

We do have some seating at the moment, and more will be added in the future as resources become available. We have a place to burn (cone) incense if you so desire. (Just please do not leave unattended!) And hopefully there will be a nice cool breeze to let the chimes sound as well. If not, feel free to jingle them yourself.

The edges of the garden is currently done with sticks.. It gives a rather nice rustic look to it that really fits the setting. However, the plan is to, in the future, have parts of the border replaced with stones... And some of these stones will be engraved/sandblasted/what-have-you with the names of those that have passed before. They will not be in this year, but will be put in as we can get them done.

So please come back and visit. It's fully shaded, so it's a rather cool respite from the July and August heat. And when you do, look at it both how it is now, and how it will develop. I most often see the latter.

Also, the fountain is not running because we do not have an electricity hook-up nearby. That may change next year. <crossing fingers, because the fountain is really nice!>

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Re: GLMF Memorial Garden
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 12:07:08 AM »

Also... Because the Memorial Garden is run by the volunteers, the money for everything is coming out of our own pockets. We cannot afford everything we would like to do. As such, we will be taking donations for the Memorial Garden...

Donations can be made at the Pickle Grove.. I can also take donations (at which point I'll add it to the donations at the Grove..), and I believe Pirate Dave will as well. (I don't think he's on these boards, but most of you regulars know him anyway..)

However, here's the kicker....

1) Donations for the Memorial Garden will be collected in three categories: One for BeerBlessings (me, aka Preacher Dave), one for Pirate Dave, and a third for "Oh please!! Don't unleash this debacle on the world, for the love of God NO!"

2) We take the value of collections at the end of Faire on Sunday of 5th weekend. These results will determine what happens on Final Weekend. BeerBlessings and Pirate Dave will have very similar goals. Each can add in extras as they see fit. Each set of goals is for EACH of them individually, not the two combined.

3) If there are more donations to the "Don't unleash this debacle" category than both Preacher Dave and Pirate Dave *combined*, the world is spared this mass of depravity. (True, I don't expect the "For the love of God, NO!" category to get much, but at least we give you folks an option to stop this mayhem.)

4) Standard Goals: (This is for EACH)

$500 - Dress and fairy wings for half a day, *Saturday* of Final Weekend. This will start around the time of Parade. (We shoot for start of Parade, but as this will be foreign to us, it may take longer than expected to garb up.)

$750 - Same as above, but for FULL DAY, SUNDAY of Final Weekend. Yes, this includes *FINAL PUB SING*.

$1000 - Same as above, but includes make-up.

$1500 - Same as above, and we'll even shave our legs. (We sooo hope we don't have to do this..)

$2000 - Same as above, but with CFM shoes and wigs.... We also reserve the option of adding tutus at this point, as long as we have them provided for us. (This would likely be torture for us, which is why it's so high.)

(Yes, we *do* realize that CFM shoes on site is NOT a good thing, and we value our ankles. Trust me, I had a day with a bad ankle last year, and really don't want to repeat it.)

I have a couple add-ons...

1) At the make-up level, the single largest donor, minimum $100 gets to do my make-up. This may be tasteful, or become like the picture you put on the fridge to boost your 3-year-old's self-esteem.
(And if you want in for this, you have to make a special note, so can keep track of how much you donated.)

2) $1200 - Weather permitting, my hair goes in Shirley Temple curls.

Yeah, the bar may seem high.. But considering how many people we have through that may pitch in anywhere from $1-$5... Just remember to bring your cameras for Final Weekend...

Also, the money collected will go to new benches, additional topsoil for the low spots, more plants, care and upkeep of the fountain and other garden items, engraving of the stones, and whatever else may be needed to make this as impressive of a spot as we can. Also, whatever money may be left over after this will go to a general fund in an attempt to cover the costs of engraving for future stone additions..... We are thinking Long-Term here, and we're going to do it as right as we possibly can.

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Re: GLMF Memorial Garden
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2009, 10:59:49 PM »
I have seen the gardens from the very first and Dave, Aubry, Jen, Dave & others have been working very hard. It is a nice spot, looks very good and will turn into something really great. There are a couple of benches. The chimes are lovely.

i am hoping both of you will make it all the way to tu-tus.
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