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Arms and Armor vendor listing

Started by escherblacksmith, May 21, 2008, 08:22:48 AM

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Sir William Marcus

For Leather Armor

Great craftsmanship and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

VENI, VIDI, VELCRO! Spelling and grammatical errors are beyond my control, it's the way I'm wired.


Apparently I haven't been paying attention to this thread.

List updated, thanks!


Aurum peccamenes multifariam texit
Marquesa de Trives
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Ravenswood Leather
-The absolute best in leather clothes and wears.

Age of Chivalry
-Bringing you the finest medieval and renaissance arms, armor, and apparel.


Added the Facebook link for Darkwood, and added the 2 new ones.



Here's a new weapons/accessories resource:, by John Davis (Hack of Hack and Slash fame).  John has been a period weapons expert for 20+ years and a wonderful hiltsmith.  We offer Hanwei products as well as John's own creations, the Fight Director line.  His work is currently in the Folger Theater (DC), London, and many stage productions.  All are re-enactment / stage combat worthy weapons. Come visit!

Chris B

Lochness Origins (Dubhs Custom Made)
-- I have personally ordered from them and am beyond pleased.  Very high quality work for a custom Sgian Dubh.

High Quality Targes
-- As someone who has made 30 plus historically accurate shields and as someone who ordered a targe from Joe Lindsay, his work is exceptional and as accurate as you can get for this type of shield.

Japanese Iaito, Shinken and Armor
-- This is a highly recommended supplier for Iaito in the Iaido community.  There products are very high quality and they have a stellar reputation.
-- I have not personally ordered anything from Jidai, but it is also one of the more established suppliers for Iaito.

Grozer Archery - High Quality Period Bows
-- I have not personally ordered from grozer, yet.  I intend to buy a Crimean Tartar bow soon.  All research I have done is that their products are superb.

Roman Arms and Armor:  As with all armor, some items on these sites are excellent and some are not so much.

-- The items are a little pricey, but they are legit and very well known among Roman Reenactors.  I have used them.

Soul of the Warrior
-- Rusty Meyers is known in the Roman community and has very good prices.  Sometimes, delivery can be slow, but the price usually makes it worth it for period appropriate armor.

LaWrens Nest
-- Same comment as above for Soul of the Warrior.  I have used all three of these Roman sites for my own Roman kits.

Thorkil - VERY high quality Viking helms and armor, especially their vendel and valsgarde migratory helms



Chris B  Scottish Dirks and Dubhs

On a personal note:  I just bought my own dirk from Mike McRae and received it yesterday.  For the price of roughly $450, his work really cannot be beat in my opinion.  Most production dirks are just cheap looking and not very H/A.  For a more accurate dirk, quotes from "Arms and Armor" or Scottish blade smiths were WELL over $1,000.  Mike was extremely kind, very enthusiastic about his work, and produced a blade on par with more expensive makers that I will be happy with for years at a fraction of the cost.  I would not hesitate to use him again or recommend him.  Just thought I would add this since there is such a huge Scottish contingent on these boards.




May want to add quality traditional horse bow, recurve bow shop.


Quote from: escherblacksmith on May 21, 2008, 08:22:48 AM

  • Valentine Armouries (may be going out of business, see post) -- (temp)

    List updated/validated 04/08/2014


    p.s. If you find any broken links (I've noted several), let me know, either posting or PM will be fine.
Rob Valentine may have closed his original operations in Canada, but he is very much in business now in Las Vegas, NV.

A friend of mine, who has recently moved to the Chicago area, is having some Armour made by Valentine Armouries this Summer.

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David Baldock
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Links verified . . . I think I got them all . . .