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Arms and Armor vendor listing

Started by escherblacksmith, May 21, 2008, 08:22:48 AM

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This is copied from a copy from the old board.

I am still considering a FAQ, but at present I really don't know what we should cover.  These links are listed as being fine choices, but, at present, with no claim as to their validity or safety or pretty much anything else.

The List:

Armor Resources:

Weapon Resources:

Schools, online resources/references:

Schools, brick & mortar:

Online Resources for aspects of armor/weaponcrafting


Just post an addition and I'll add it to the master list.  If you could add the name of the site as well, that would be helpful.  If you have any questions you would like answered, then note that as well.

List updated/validated 04/08/2014


p.s. If you find any broken links (I've noted several), let me know, either posting or PM will be fine.

Jean Pierre Dewell

 WOW great list but there is one vendor is not in buisness anymore that's Valentine Armouries. I got a Email from them saying there closeing there doors man that's sad they have some awsome stuff, there site is still up but they are no more. Sorry to see them go.

Jean Pierre Dewell
Royal Musketeer
All for One and One for All!!

Toki Bloodaxe

I have been checking out a site called Darksword Armory. They are a battle-ready arms and armor enterprise out of Canada that make amazing sword, daggers and armor. there are some great link to videos depicting their battle-ready swords in action. Well worth a checkout, in my opinion. Thanks for the big master list, too. That really helps out.


Sabersmith (

Based out of Michigan.  Swords, daggers, axes, maces, hammers.



Sir William Marcus

Great list indeed. May want to add "IceFalcon'" -  Quality gear & great people to deal with.
VENI, VIDI, VELCRO! Spelling and grammatical errors are beyond my control, it's the way I'm wired.




Baltimore Knife and Sword seems to be missing again.

1stMateMatt AKA Matt Stagmer
Co-Owner of Baltimore Knife and Sword
Assistant Editor of Pirates Magazine


Yeah, I pretty much lost everything that was added in the last 6-8 months or so.


Just Jesse

I need help finding the koh scabbard of guy. i cannot find it anywhere?




were you the guy (no pun intended) looking for this item last year?

Anyhoo, this place in Europe claims to have one


you may need a translator.

Amazon Germany has it as well:

Looks a wee bit expensive.


Black Armor

There is another sword maker at the Mi Ren Fes that I've been trying to find a web site for.  Their booth is right by the joust field.  They are listed in the 2008 Faire Program as "Arms and Armour" but all I come up with when I search that is the Arms and Armour site you've alread listed.  I though someone told me that they are from Michigan too but Saber Smith isn't the one I'm talking about.  If anyone can help it would be great.  Thanks 

Capt Gabriela Fullpepper

Wulflund Historical Shop, Weapons, Armor, Shoes, Clothing, Dishes, everything living history from ancient to early 18th century.
"The Metal Maiden"
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Chris B

Armour Class
Another sword supplier and manufacturer.  I am eyeing their baskhilts for next year.

Castle Keep

Very nice custom made blades in Scotland.  Register and check out the forum for some of Rob's custom work.  I am having him make a finish viking find sword similiar to the Albion Valkyrja but with more detail.  He has a long que and wait, but does exquisite work.

Higher end Japanese swords.

Samurai Store
Marutake Sangyo made Japanese suits of armor.  These are very high quality and where I bought my own set of 16th century Samurai Armor.