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All the colors of the rainbow/please read and tell me what you think

Started by daylight, May 21, 2008, 09:54:44 AM

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 Freita was her name,but had came to relize she was just part of a rainbow.a rainbow you may ask ,will let me expalin. Freita was moving today and her heart sunk as she sat by the boxes just packed, they sat by the side of road awiting the carraige to pick them up. Freita was a heartfelt girl, strong in spirit, bold and brass. She stood tall in charcter and in frame.Today her face showed of dicourgaement, for today she would have to leave all that she had onced known. Her longing eyes filled with tears falling from the side. She began to pull her self together. Wiping her self as thoguh she were dusting herself off, pulling and tugging at her garb. She wore a large coat made of fur, with the a hat she had found, brown and slightly bent to one side, she placed it on her head wiped her eyes and and began to embrace the future. It was time to move again a new land and new friends awiated her. fredita would be willing to embrace them both. Fretida`s father moved from shire to shire in order to peddle his wears. fredia full aware of the drill, make a few friends and then to move on. she did indeed made a few friends, and learned many things from all this, both the loving and letting go. As fredia looked to sky seeing past this land and looking to what lay ahead ,her mind begans to flow and her thoughts ran to all she had learned in the past. Her thoughts began to play, the faces of her friends and days spent in quite chat and roaming the land. all this began to flooding back to  her. Those she had meet in her journey, it felt as though she were right there with them once again. Why there was a dragon keeper who she had the pleasure of meeting. This dragon keeper was so different form her . The clothes were differnt the way that he talked and sounded was still differnt yet. Oh danick was tall and strong, and  his voice that sounded like a horn balst when he spoke. yet danick was so gentle and friendly .They sat by the water and chatted till the night had fallen, she had made a real friend that day. Her mind now moved to a land of the west and  the rembrance of  the tall yet slinder trees, the laughs and giggles that she heard bought a smile to face. Oh yes I remeber that, there was a girl a wee fairy with tiny wings and her face all a glow. Her tiny voice and small frame were remembered foundly. She become her friend as well. There was a mighty knight with a sword as big as the day . He sat tall on his horse, proud and sure. With the srtong words and a gentle flow He greeted her when she had become lost and retuned to the father.  Oh yes she remebered this knight. and there was a flooding of her mind of the friends she had made, the times she shared with  them ;came rushing in again and again. Her thoughts were flooding over with the remembraces of them all. At that moment her heart filled with joy, her tears and turned from sorrow to a new smile; that filled her face like a beam of light. Yes she ahd learned some things. she pictured a rainbow and realized it took amy colors of the rainbow to make it beautiful, so like it is with friends it takes many kinds and colors of friends to  make  friendship beautiful .  Yes friends are like rainbows, differnt in color and yet so beautiful. Fredia had learned  many things and this was just one of them. Freita was now ready more than ever to embrace the future and what it would hold for her.                     The moral of the story is this.Friends can come in many colors and can be quite differnt form what we are, but takes us all to make a  beautiful rainbow. don`t look at myy spelling or my ability telll a story it`s just a neat way to look at the people of this big ole world.