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Scottish/Highland Festival August 8-9

Started by Zoë, August 07, 2009, 11:43:38 AM

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Capitaine Zoë D'Arcachon
Elizabeth Covington
Fritzie the Fairy

Francisco Paula

I am thinking of since its only like 15 minutes from my house or so

Capt Gabriela Fullpepper

Not this one, we go to the one in Estes Park in Sept
"The Metal Maiden"
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Mistress Charlotte

Cause, "Cake or death?" That's a pretty easy question.
Anyone could answer that.
"Cake or death?"
"Eh, cake please."


Capitaine Zoë D'Arcachon
Elizabeth Covington
Fritzie the Fairy

Francisco Paula

Well if you are driving does that mean you will pick me up.  ;D


well fancy that? I drove through estes park friday, yesterday, and am driving through today... sadly, not stopping

maybe next year

Francisco Paula

Hey Sabor these arn't in estes park those are later in the year. This one is down in highlands ranch


so I can't read.... see, I am human after all ;)

Francisco Paula

Don't worry, first time someone told me of this one my mind went to estes park until they corrected me.

The Professor

Anyone wishing to see the very many pictures I took of this event is welcome to look...


It was more fun than I thought it would be.  Some of us are in these.



Avan and I are going to try to at least do one day up there. I want to swing by ravenswood and show them how their dress is holding up for me. ^_^