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Upgrading Faerie Parasol?

Started by analise, August 12, 2009, 04:22:54 PM

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So I have this neat paper parasol I found in an antique store a while back. It's pretty plain, though, just pale green paper with darker green "ribs". I've mentally tossed around the idea that I ought to decorate it but I'm pretty much no-good with painting, especially on a non-flat surface. But the idea of spraying it with adhesive and then tossing glitter on there sounds like fun.

What would you do?

Alas, I'm pretty sure the only picture I have of it is here: and it's closed so you can't really see what it looks like. But hey, you can see my general faerie-wear and give me an idea of what might go with it? :D


When I made an attempt at wings for my niece, to make them sparkly I sprayed them with clear spray paint then sprinkled on the glitter then sprayed again to help hold on the glitter.

Something else I thought of is if you aren't very artistic (like me) perhaps practice drawing some very basic vines on regular paper then once you come up with a design you like, trace it on the parasol.  Ohhh...or maybe you can find a stencil???
Got faerie dust?


Vines would be neat!....I'm just not sure how I'd trace them onto the umbrella without breaking the paper. Hm.

Anna Iram

Analise, I have an inexpensive paper parasol that had flowers of a color I didn't want. So I used a felt tip pen to recolor them. one purchased from Michaels crafts store. They come in all sorts of colors and it worked beautifully. Just a light touch transfered the color and the tip was soft enough not to puncture the paper.