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Irish Faerie tale

Started by Obadiah Jib, August 07, 2009, 12:19:27 PM

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Obadiah Jib

Back in 2005 I went on a trip to Ireland with my wife and bunch of friends.  Our goal was the Ring of Kerry.  Our bus driver was a local gent named "Martin Hogan".  He drives for Celtic Tours should you visit the emerald isle.  Anyway, Martin tends to tell tales as he drives along and I like to learn about various histories and cultures.  At one point in our journey he pointed into a field and drew our attention toward a lone hawthorn tree.  Martin, a passionate Catholic and University educated fellow, told us that a hawthorn tree growing wild and nature (not planted by the hand of man) is often a Faerie Tree and a gate way to the realm of the fey.  Now with a group of US citizens on the buss he stated that many folks in Ireland do believe in the fey and DO NOT seek to interact with them in any way.  He told a tale of a man who went to cut down a few branches on a Faerie Tree for a power line.  The locals told him not to do it.  He set up his ladder, proceeded to fall off of said ladder, and broke both arms!  I was then told the tree remains unaltered.
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Great story!

You've been to Ireland?! I'm so jealous!  :)
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Obadiah Jib

Ireland is not that hard to manage on a budget.  I had the pleasure to travel to Ireland for long weekends (4 days) in Feb. for under $900.00 USD.  That priced included plane, motel (5 star), bus, 4 locations, and 2 meals a day.

I am certain with the current economy we see a return to decent fares over to Ireland.
First Mate of the Portobello Rose.
I'm not the captain, I just dress better than he does.


The Irish do tend to honor the Fay far more than any other culture, though tales of faerie are littered throughout almost every one.  Something else that might interest you, try looking into "fairy rings" I had a discussion about them just last night with a friend who looked at me like I had two heads when I explained what they are.  (Very similar to the wild Hawthorn) Just don't step into one or you may find yourself spirited away by the gentry ;-P
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