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traditional Longdog puppies

Started by Tiff, October 21, 2010, 07:59:46 AM

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I was not quite sure where to post this, so thought I would try here!  Please move to a more appropriate forum if necessary :)

I have a litter of working lurcher (longdog) puppies ... father is a Staghound (similar to a deerhound), mother is a SalukiXGreyhound.  The parents have been only used for hunting, they are EXCELLENT "potfillers" (rabbit is their specialty).  These are not show dogs and will take a LOT of excercise to keep happy, although laying on the couch is something they love to do too.

I have attended quite a few RennFaires around the country and these are "the real deal" when looking to portray what would typically be found in an English Village (even nowadays!)

I am located in Missouri but travel frequently.

Thanks for looking!

Toua Taru

Those the parents? They're beautiful dogs :)
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Thank you!  Actually I put the wrong pic up, the rough coated dog is correct, he is the father, and here is the pic of the mother

Here they are together

I am really pleased with the litter, its my first litter in 6 years and could not be happier with them!