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Gallery of Finished Projects

Started by gem, May 08, 2008, 03:28:40 PM

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Lady Renee Buchanan

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Rani Zemirah

(sigh)  I have apparently missed being able to see some of the most recent additions here, which makes me very sad. I don't get to visit very often these days, so I don't get to see things as they are posted. I'm extremely curious about the Outlander garb photos, and the Bilbo Baggins coat!  I think I did get to see a photo of the coat once, but not as it was worn. The photos as AM able to see are all truly lovely, though! 
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Lady Kathleen of Olmsted


My young client, with dad looking on, in his Bilbo Baggins coat and vest. The Medium wale corduroy for the coat was ordered from a Vendor in the UK because no one in the United States carried the color of Corduroy I needed to make this. The Buttons for the vest came from WETA studios in New Zealand. Dad made the feet using boots and other materials. The pattern for the coat and vest were a period Victorian Coat pattern from McCalls that I sized down to an Xtra small man for a 10 year old boy.

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Lady Kathleen of Olmsted

The Simplicity OUTLANDER pattern I used to make my Buchannan plaid dress. I suggest making the front skirt panel straight down rather than at the slight curve as the pattern dictates.

"As with Art as in Life, nothing succeeds like excess.".....Oscar Wilde

Lady Kathleen of Olmsted

My client in his new coat and vest.
"As with Art as in Life, nothing succeeds like excess.".....Oscar Wilde

Rani Zemirah

Oh, thank you, LadyK!  They're all gorgeous, as always!  I love the color of the Baggins coat, and the fabric looks so snuggly!  And the Outlander outfit is just dreamy!  I did get to see the pirate coat in that other place, and it is definitely eye catching, as well!  Thank you for reposting them for me, that was so nice of you.    :)
Rani - Fire Goddess

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Lady Kathleen of Olmsted


The 1st Earl of Lincoln

My version of it is now finished and will be sent off to my client in Bellvue, Nebraska.

I decided to add buttons on the sleeves as decoration depicted in the portrait. The sleeves now look more complete.
"As with Art as in Life, nothing succeeds like excess.".....Oscar Wilde


It's been finished for ages but I never posted it... my green peasant dress! I blogged about it at

The dress is a green "amaretto" rayon/linen blend from Joann's, with the bodice interlined with cotton canvas and lined with thin cotton fabric. I splurged and bought hanky-weight linen for the chemise, and maybe someday I'll stop being lazy and actually put cuffs on it instead of rolling the sleeves up. The petticoat skirt is quilting cotton gathered onto a wide waistband.
Also worn with my black hose and rain boots, as the Mid-South faire had torrential ran three days out of four last year. The wide-brimmed straw hat kept the rain off very well, even if it did make my face impossibly shaded out in photos.

The Tennessee Renaissance Festival had much better weather, and I put together a flower crown (wow it ended up huge) and sewed a faux-suede pouch for my valuables.

I drafted the kirtle pattern myself. Any tips on how to keep it from wrinkling like you see in the photos would be very welcome! :) I did turn out a bit big.


Hello Everyone!

Although life has been hectic and I am sorry not to get to post here as much as I used to, I wanted to show you some of the completed Gowns and projects!

Black and Silver is my take on Mary Queen of Scots gown, what I found out is never have a shorter person take a tall person's photo, because you end up looking like a Gigantor!! LOL  8)

My Newest Gown with Pearled sleeves and pinks it has shot silk of the same cerise color and grey.  I bought the sleeve and forepart fabric when I was last in the UK.

Okay so this one is a camping or tourney gown it was extremely hot that day and I took off my partlet to get air!

This is the Big Pig it wieghs 30lbs and people will not allow me to go more than 5 feet without getting a photo op! It is nice, but when you have to potty? Not so much! ;D

Okay I am currently working on sets of ruffs wish me luck!


Lady Cilean Stirling
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Lady Kathleen of Olmsted

Well done, Cilean! Huzzah to you.

I have been busy of late as well with Alterations, Commissions, and managed to squeak in some things foe me. A Pirate Coat and a Baroque ensemble made From Fabrics and supplies in my stash for an upcoming SciFi/Fantasy convention in July. This year, I am dressing up as a Time Traveler from different periods.

My Baroque ensemble. I love this period of dress for men and women from the late 1600's as I do the Elizabethan period. This ensemble was inspired by the BBC series that launched Masterpiece Theater called THE FIRST CHURCHILLS. The costuming is spot on for the Baroque period from King Charles II to Queen Anne.

For the Coat, I used the Simplicity Jack Sparrow pattern with modifications. I lined it as well. I used the same pattern for the shirt. The Vest, the JP Ryan waistcoat pattern with functional pockets. The Breeches, I drafted a pattern for them and included hidden pockets. The hat, Lynn McMasters Tall Elizabethan hat pattern, modified to bring down the height of the crown and widened the brim.

My new Pirate coat. I have worn it several times now.

"As with Art as in Life, nothing succeeds like excess.".....Oscar Wilde

Lady Kathleen of Olmsted


I went Baroque for the Science Fiction convention I have attended every year since 2004. What fun it is to dress up, cosplay as someone from a Film, Video Game, Genre, etc. For CONvergence 2018, I am planning 2 new pieces.....the Queen of Hearts from Alice In Wonderland and Lady Olenna Tyrell of Highgarden from Game of Thrones.

Here is my Baroque ensemble that was part of a photo gallery about CONvergence  2017from

"As with Art as in Life, nothing succeeds like excess.".....Oscar Wilde


Hello wanted to share my outfits for this year with only a few weeks left until opening weekend I have been working like crazy to get everything done!

My Main gown - I will likely do a bit more embroidery work on the forepart of this one.

My Steampunk weekend Vampire Slayer Mary Poppins

And Cersei Lannister for those weekends that it is just to darn hot for fur sleeves


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Toua Taru

Hmm, no problems here. I can see the photos just fine. Wonderful work!
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Hi! I made a noblewoman's dress loosely based on Simplicity 3782 to play Anne Russell, Countess Warwick at the Mid-South Renaissance Festival. My dress diary is at!