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Sands point faire? long island new york

Started by Damien Ryan, September 08, 2009, 11:03:16 AM

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Damien Ryan

Any1 ever been to the faire on long island in sands point, how is it? worth giving my soccer team the day off practice for? LOL

looks like they dont have a website so im sure it is small.


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   Antoine de St. Exupery


Sands Point Faire is a mid-sized, family oriented fair going well into it's third decade.  There are two jousts, puppet show, pony rides, arts and crafts, archery, games, scottish dancers, musicians, jugglers, fencing, fashion show, wack-a-knight, maypole, and about two-dozen vendors.

And a real castle for atmosphere and a castle siege at the end of the day.

There are no "pirates" - sorry, it's a medieval fair. ;D

C'mon and join us - it's a great site and a great day.

Gideon Estwode
Bailiffe of Castle Bolton