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standing in the gap/ Sentor kenndy

Started by daylight, May 23, 2008, 01:55:14 PM

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 Please pray for Sentor Kenndy, I don`t know what any of you think about the Sentor and none of that matters the sentor needs are prayers. He has been told that he has a brain tomor  things are not looking good for him I don`t want to believe that. I choose to believe for the postive, for nothing is imposibale to those that believe. I think with all the neg talk it will be nice to have people who will belive for the impossible to become the possible.


It's a sad thing to see anyone suffer, pain has no prejudice as it effects us all. I will light a candle for him along with all of the others in need of peace, guidance, strength, healing, and love.  Peace and blessings
When I'm gone look for me beneath your boots, for I have returned to the ground from which I came.   Walt Whitman


 Thank you for your prayers and lighting a candle