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Wonderful! Yet sad...
« on: October 08, 2009, 06:35:42 PM »
Hello cast, entertainers, part-time unpaid villagers (playtrons sounds a bit crass) and vendors,

Yet another very fine season! Thank you! Thank you ALL! Cast changes had me worried (Henry at a kiosk?) and lack of villagers (where's Kip? Where's the Ducky Lady?) but all in all not bad at all at all. Note to the PTB from a 'mundane': bring back the villagers! Sad to see not more attention paid to Tudor events during Henry's 500th (no B-day party for Arthur? No welcome for Anne of Cleves?) Happy to see black&gold, though 'evil', win for a change, lol. Great entertainment by all! Hope my tips were worthy. Morgan's Bounty was sorely missed (blessings)

However, due to medical emergencies I missed closing week-end, thus some intended shopping and networking.

1) Terry: I have 'Songs from the Pub' (excellante), yet a CD was mentioned as your 'best'. Pray tell, what do I need and how do I get it?

2) A jewelry vendor near the bells had crown ear cuff/earrings I intended to get next trip...any idea who or how to find them online?

3) Our club has open Friday/Saturday evenings or Saturday days should ya'll want a place to gather on a weekly, monthly or even annual basis for whatever. We are a private club, membership required ($15 per year, no problem getting any of you signed up, I have an 'in') with all the 'club' benefits (welcoming, social, inexpensive should you inbibe but non-judgemental if you don't, etc) We're in the near South Hills at 7 Provost Road, Whitehall (many of you have probably passed us by, we're that private) Send a scout if you like. I'm usually behind the bar Mon-Fri 'til 7pm and can buzz you in for a tour. We'd love to have you!


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